How To Be A Successful Financial Investor

shutterstock 222195631Being a successful financial investor requires certain habits, discipline, and qualities. While many investors are focused on building wealth quickly, you must begin with the end in mind, and find ways to build sustainable investing practices that grow your portfolio and ensure long-term success when done correctly.

What does it take to be a successful financial investor? If you follow these guidelines, you will soon be on your way to success, just like Shailesh Dash, Founder and CEO of Al Masah Capital.

Not only has Dash managed assets valued at $4 billion, he also carried out 14 IPOs and 5 trade sales. Aside from that, he also created the second largest private equity business in the Mena Region.

Commit To Building A Strong Financial Background

The first investment you have to make is in yourself. You learn through your experience and education. Successful investors normally have a solid financial foundation based on experience and education.

While attending seminars and learning from mentors is valuable, practical experience on the job is a huge asset to growing your investing skills while minimizing loss.

Early on, Dash made an investment to learning by enriching his knowledge while serving with Mena and starting Al Masah Capital.

Dash brought 20 years of alternative investment experience as a seasoned member of the MENA alternative investment sector, which provided clients with a unique skill set and perspective that would make Dash one of the most successful investors in Southeast Asia.

With his experience and background, Dash was able to successfully raise over $1 billion and skyrocket Al Masah as one of the fastest growing advisory firms offering alternative investment management in the MENA & Southeast Asia.

By serving as a board member for 12 companies, Dash stays up to date on business and financial developments.

Exercise Patience And Formulate Your Long-Term Plan

Successful investors are always thinking about the long-term goal and exercising patience to see their plans come to fruition.

While short-term growth is a good back up plan, the most successful investors create and stick to a long-term strategy.

Dash took his alternative investment experience at MENA and then used it to start and grow Al Masha Capital through Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Singapore.

Dash leveraged his talent and skill to build on of the largest investment businesses in Asia within a short time period of less than 5 years.

Remember, your positions and experience within professional organizations and throughout your career will contribute to your long-term plan. You can use your professional skills to create sound investment strategies for yourself as well as your clients.

Use Sound Mind And Financial Principles For Methodical Investing Strategy

Depending on your background and preferences, as an investor, you will develop certain habits that shape your investing strategy.

While some have a clearly defined investing strategy dedicated to diversification and short-term growth with high risks, other investors adopt a portfolio focus strategy to capitalize on long-term growth and increase cash flow.

No matter the strategy you use, just make sure you know what you are doing and understand that time is on your side. Investments grow over by compounding over time, so don’t prematurely cash out your investments.

Finally, don’t make decisions based on excitement, emotions, or trends. Instead, have a long-term plan based on financial reasoning and follow that plan. Have a long-term plan and stick to it.

Start Small and Learn

If others try to pressure you to make hasty investment decisions, firmly decline and stay the course for your original plan. If you are not able to understand the mechanics of how your investment will pay off in the long run, your chances of profiting from the transaction are slim. Instead, start small and use your financial background to help steer your decisions as you build on your expertise based on experience.

With a strong financial background, practical experience, and the ability to grow businesses based on sound financial principles, Dash was able to put his knowledge and expertise to practical use for long-term growth.

Manage Risks Wisely

Most investors will lose money and fail at some point. In fact, most of the losses are caused by excessive emotions or an inability to properly value stocks.

After engaging in 30 trades, the most trades in the region, Dash was able to manage risks wisely by using carefully thought out strategies.

As someone who managed billions of dollars in assets and carried out multiple IPOs and trades, Dash used a sound mind to carry out a thoughtful investment strategy to minimize risk. Dash regularly invests in medium-sized businesses owned or operated by families, holding a record of 30+ transactions.

As someone with a substantial role in managing close to 20 exits, Dash carefully manages risks associated in executing financial transactions. In addition, Dash created the second largest private equity business in the MENA region.

When you learn to manage risks and methodically plan for growth like Dash, you can create consistent growth.

Businesses And Investors Equally Benefit From Research

While private equity businesses are popular in growth, research must be done in order to keep them flourishing.

Before Dash established and built up the private equity business in GIH, Dash also created a research facility at GIH that allows the business to track its data and trends. He also developed the research facility into one of the largest and highly esteemed platforms in the region.

Leverage The Role Of Your Team, Relations And Network

When you help others and seek to help your team, your team will return the favor. In fact, it’s not always what you know, but also how you help your network grow with the help of your team.

In the Southeast region, Dash is the most experienced private equity investor in terms of an impressive number of executed transactions (over 58). Through the help of his team’s personal relationships, Dash managed to successfully complete these transactions.

Invest In What You Understand The Most

You don’t have to invest in a specific type of investment just because it is trendy or because others are pressuring you to do so.

In order to truly understand an investment, you must be able to describe where the cash is generated, how much you are paying for the cash, and how it will find its way back to you.

Dash consistently raised over $1 billion across multiple asset classes by narrowing his focus to education, healthcare, logistics, and food & beverage industries. Dash’s focus on family businesses has helped him become one of the biggest regional investors in Southeast Asia.

Final Thoughts: Be An Asset To Your Peers And Help Others

When you have followed the steps above and established yourself as an authority while being an asset to others, peers and clients will take notice.

Dash’s consistent track record of success is admired and recognized by his peers as an authority in the financial services industry.

Aside from peer recognition, Dash has been consistently ranked as one of the top 50 most influential people in the regional financial services industry. The MENA Fund Manager Magazine also awarded Dash with “Outstanding Achievement by an Individual”.

If you establish a strong background and commit to learning sound investing principles and strategies to take the right risks, with hard work and perseverance, you will emulate the likes of Shailesh Dash and other successful financial investors. Learn more about the investment opportunities in the finance industry, on this website:

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