How to Deal with Cancer When You Are Pregnant?

Pregnancy is such a beautiful moment of your life. Most of the women wait for this moment to arrive in their life. But, life is not always full of blessing for all. There are lots of would-be mothers who suffer from cancer while dealing with pregnancy. And once they are diagnosed with it during pregnancy, they lose their calm. That is quite natural. No matter how medical immunology in pregnancy asks them not to panic, it is really difficult to maintain calmness during this time. Experts in oncology in pregnancy medicine say that usually, cancer doesn’t interfere in the growth of your baby while you are pregnant. Still, there are certain things you need to know about dealing with cancer while you are pregnant. Read on to know more-

Types of Cancer during Pregnancy

Usually, you can develop the following types of cancers while you are pregnant-

Breast Cancer- This is one of the most common types of cancers that happen to pregnant women. Detecting this cancer during pregnancy is tricky as breasts start to enlarge and change during this time. Therefore, the diagnosis is only possible after your delivery.

Other than this, you can also suffer from other types of cancer, like-

  • Thyroid cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Cervical cancer
  • Hodgkin lymphoma

Different Types of Diagnosis of Cancer during Pregnancies

It is difficult to diagnose the cancer symptoms during pregnancy as there are some common symptoms, like, bloating, changes in breast and rectal area, headaches and so on. Therefore, the treatment of cancer gets delayed. There are certain tests and treatment procedures which are safe for the mother and the fetus during pregnancy while some of them are not. For example, a Pap test is a must to detect cervical cancer in the would-be mother. There are other types of tests and diagnosis processes to detect cancer during pregnancy-

  1. X-rays– X-ray is done to detect cancer while a woman is pregnant. According to the experts, the amount of radiation is very little to harm the fetus. Still, the abdomen area is guarded with a lead shield during the process.
  2. CT Scans– It gives more accurate result than x-rays. As the radiation is too low here, the fetus stays safe in the womb. Through the CT scan, it is also possible to know the exact area of cancer.

Apart from these tests, ultrasound, MRI and biopsy are safe during pregnancy.

Treatment of Cancer during Pregnancy

If you are suffering from cancer while you are pregnant you will be under the treatment of multidisciplinary team of doctors. They will consider certain essential things before starting the treatment-

  • Stage of the cancer
  • Stage of pregnancy
  • Type, area, and size of the cancer

Based on these criteria, they will start diagnosis, but that is also after talking to the lady and her family. Throughout the treatment procedure, they will closely monitor the baby’s growth and also the advancement of the cancerous cells.

So, here you get to know how to deal with cancer while you are pregnant. The first thing you need to do is to keep calm. If you get panicked, your health will deteriorate, and that will not be good for your baby. Learn more about the precautionary measures you can take to avoid Cancer, on this website:

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