How to Experience London like a Local

Whenever you travel to London – a city that feels as if it exists on a completely different scale to anything you know – it can feel overwhelming. And unfortunately, this can hinder how you actually enjoy London. So if you want to enjoy an experience that isn’t ‘deer in the headlights’, follow these tips allowing you to immerse yourself into the London lifestyle, so that you can see it through the eyes of the regulars.

The Right Accommodation

If you want to live like a local, then you shouldn’t be rushing off your feet trying to get everything done, you need a place where you can get settled during your stay in London. Experience living like a king or queen for a few nights at one of the luxurious apart hotels in London? You will have access to all of the necessities you will need and first-rate service on-hand.

Afternoon Tea

London is the centre point for all things English, including afternoon tea. If you wanted to, you could stop off at a coffee shop within walking distance, but there’s something unique about afternoon tea, and something exquisite about taking on longterm cultural traditions. In addition to tea, you’ll also have the chance to satisfy your sweet tooth with a wide selection of cakes, scones and pastries. Anywhere you go in London will offer a selection of beautiful bone china and tableware, but to experience it like a true Londoner, take your tea at one of London’s many fine hotels, where the catering selections will leave your mouth watering.

Market Shopping

London typically has the best of everything, including clothing brands. But tempting though it may be to disappear into a shopping centre and never emerge, you should also check out the local markets on offer around London. Each stall offers a quirky slice of culture. Markets you should be heading towards include Borough Market which offers a limitless range of delicacies. Borough Market has been a staple of the London market scene as far back as 1276 and continues to set the gold standard to this day. And there’s Camden Market, which is synonymous for its clothing styles, bric-a-brac and fast food. If you take the idea that each city is a character, these market stalls are an ideal way to get a sense of London’s character.

Public Transport

When people think of things that are quintessentially English, the red double-decker bus is one of the most prominent things to come to mind. Many commuters have found themselves cramming onto a bus for work, but rather than a means of getting from A to B, the double-decker buses offer a very scenic journey along the way, giving you the chance to take in the surrounding majesty that is London. The experience is only heightened if you’re riding a bus with an open-top, feeling the London air against your face. If you buy into the idea of stepping into a commuter’s shoes, you should also take the London Underground, which can get a tad crowded from time to time, but opens up the whole of London to you, with every station and every route feeling like it’s taking you on a different adventure.

London has a particular beauty to it, one that resonates to anyone who visits it. But these suggestions will help you enjoy that ‘lived-in’ feel that all residents experience on a daily basis. Learn more about the things to do and things to avoid in the United Kingdom, on this website:

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