How to Select Packaging for Cannabis Products?

Under situations like strict regulations, ever changing laws and state oriented rules for cannabis, producers face a big challenge in choosing the right custom cannabis packaging. After checking the pros and cons and besides standing out from your competitors, every packaging must be right for the product, be cost efficient, meet security expectations and preserve freshness. So, here is the right way to choose the perfect kind of packaging for cannabis.

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Getting branded packaging which stands out and safeguarding your profit margins is one of the most important challenges which cannabis business companies of all sizes face. So, before you opt for specific packaging, you have to consider these four points:

  1. Find out what your target market it. What are you actually looking for: appealing price conscious customers, professional smokers who desire top-shelf products or people that appear somewhere in the middle???? Your packaging should relate to their needs and wants.
  2. After determining your target clients, concentrate on viewing things through their eyes. Envision the complete procedure from the time they will see your product on the rack of the store to the time they consume it. Imagine where will they take your product, how will they use it, will they recommend it to other people, what features will excite them the most. All these details will help you arrive on the best packaging solution.
  3. Now think about your packaging style, material and customization which will fit your brand’s aesthetics. Aim your packaging differently for top purchaser and budget consumers. Cannabis doesn’t has an inherent branding thus it is important to build and create a brand of your product. Details of material, custom printing will be exactly what your product requires to stand above from the competition.
  4. Lastly, acknowledge how much budget do you actually need for packaging. Usually the budget is 1.55 to 4% of your retail price for packaging. However, the range differs depending on the quantity of the cannabis you choose to put in every packaging.

ePac’s digital printing has a number of advantages. The company customizes your packaging ranging from short, medium to big length packaging. It doesn’t use any printing plates and the best thing is that you have the facility of print to demand. Just place your order and get in the shortest turnaround time. You have a variety of pouch designs available for different cannabis products.

Whether you’re looking for single use edible or multi use edibles, pre-rolls, exit bags, you will find them all here. You can have opaque pouches or transparent ones. You can provide your standard sizes and material requirement. You will get customize service. The graphics are customized cost effectively for the clients.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable, cost effective, customized digital flexible packaging with quick turnaround order and appealing graphic quality, then ePac Digital Packaging is your one stop solution. Just speak to the technical team to get full knowledge about their service and place your order. They will render their best services for your product.

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