How to sell gold and jewellery

There are many gold buyers Brisbane that will offer excellent deals for your unwanted gold jewellery. However, do you know how much your jewellery is worth before selling it?

For starters, your jewellery doesn’t have to be in optimal condition for you to sell it. Gold Buyers will purchase gold jewellery regardless of condition as they are only interested in melting it, therefore they will purchase that item from you based on its purity and weight.

So, how do you make sure your jewellery is worth a particular price? Today we’ve brought some tips you can use to figure out how much your gold jewellery is worth. It’s better to have them in mind before going to a gold buyer in Brisbane!

Analyse each aspect of your jewellery

As we mentioned above, your jewellery doesn’t have to look as good as new for you to be able to sell it. Most gold buyers in Brisbane end up melting the gold or using some of its features for other jewellery pieces.

Therefore, it would help if you found out whether your jewellery has extrinsic value such as an antique or created by a renowned designer.

This way, you’ll make sure you’re getting the best deal for your jewellery.

If your gold jewellery is a designer or antique. You may get a better deal for these items at an auction house or trying to sell it on Ebay.  If you do not have designer or antique jewellery then head straight to the gold buyers to sell it as scrap gold.

Do your research about the price of gold.

The price of gold fluctuates continuously. It’ might be a smart move to Google current gold prices and check if gold is up or down before you consider going to a gold buyer in Brisbane.

You can have an idea of how much your jewellery is worth by identifying how many karats it is. Most gold pieces will have a stamp round the surface. You’ll see, for instance, “10K.”

This mark is crucial as it will tell you the exact quantity of gold purity you’re dealing with, which you can use to check what the gold buyer is paying per gram for that particular karat.

If you want to get adventurous you could always work out your gold’s melt value by using online calculators. You’ll only need to know two factors, your jewellery’s gold purity percentage and it’s the weight.

Making sure you know every aspect of your gold jewellery is crucial before selling it!

So, who do you sell your gold too?

With the advice given to you in this article, you should do some Googling and look to see which gold buyer is paying the highest per gram. Selling unwanted gold jewellery to gold buyers in Brisbane is a good if you want immediate cash. If you want to exchange it for a different piece of jewellery, maybe sure to check out the pawn shop and see what they can offer. Learn more about the best platform that allows the user to easily sell or purchase the products, on this website:

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