How to Spy Facebook Activities of Your Children with BlurSPY App?

Nowadays, parents have become really worried about their children. They have a number of concerns and among these, the top one is the social media addiction of children. Use of social media and the dating apps has increased in teens and children. They have no idea how worse the outcome can be for them.

Parents thus want to protect their children from cyber bullying, sexting, harmful effects of social media, and from other dangerous people on these sites. For parents, it is a hard task to deal with the social media addiction in their children. They try every possible way but the results are not as expected. So we recommend them to start using the spy app for tracking him Facebook activities and other social media engagements of their children.

What is BlurSPY App?

BlurSPY is an android tracking app. It is also called the best parental control software, employee tracking app as well as tool to catch the cheating partners. The app offers the uses a wide array of features that are helpful when it comes to tracking phones and monitor the activities of any person.

Parents can use this simple and user-friendly software to track the social media activities of their children. We are going to guide the users how they can use the spy app and start spying Facebook activities of their children within minutes.

How to Spy on Facebook Activities?

In order to spy on Facebook activities of your children, you will need to use BlurSPY app. To use this app, you should first download and install the app on the target phone. Below are steps to follow to download, install and start tracking Facebook of your kids.

  1. Download the App
  2. Install it on target phone of your child
  3. Log in to your BlurSPY account
  4. Turn on the features
  5. Start spying on Facebook activities

Download the App

This is the first step you have to take to install the android spyware app to use. As you will make payment, you will be sent an email containing download link and credentials of your account. This email should be opened on the phone of your child, the device on which the app is to be installed.

Install BlurSPY on Target Phone

As you will open the download link on the target phone, it will show you a file. Click on it and it will start downloading. Within two minutes, it will be completed. Now you can install the app by following the screen instructions. BlurSPY also provides users with installation guide.

Log in to your Account

When the app has been installed, you can now use it to track any app. But a few things should be done before this. You should log in to your BlurSPY account using the username and password sent to you with the download link.

Turn on the Features

As you will log in to your account, the site will give you access to the control panel or the dashboard. In this section, you will find all the features, command and options to use BlurSPY app. In order to spy on Facebook, you will need to use the screen recorder feature. Turn on the feature and it will start working.

Start Spying on Facebook

This is all you have to do in order to spy on the Facebook activities of your children on their android phones. Screen recorder feature can also be used to spy on other social media apps, capture the screen of the app and take photos.  The file of the data will be saved to your account where you can access them anytime.

Features of BlurSPY App

Below are some features of BlurSPY app that you can use to monitor any phone and spy on android devices.

  • Phone call tracking feature for monitoring calls
  • Tracking text messages with BlurSPY app
  • Spying on social media apps
  • Tracking live locations with location tracker
  • Using screen recorder
  • Spying with bug mic and camera feature
  • Password chaser feature for knowing passwords

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