Iceland introduces student discount

Student discounts are one of the positives of student life. Undergraduates can drink cheaply in the many student pubs around and are offered discounted food and items in popular stores. Free cheeseburgers at Mcdonalds, and 10% discounts at high street fashion giants such as Topshop, encourage students to use their status regularly.

Now, Iceland has jumped on the bandwagon and is offering students their new discount opportunity. Freezer food is a staple of any student’s life, and by providing £4.00 off a £40.00 shop, Iceland is bound to attract more hungry students. Alcohol is unfortunately excluded from the offer.

Why is the discount important?

Students can group together with friends to reach the £40 amount needed for the discount. It may not seem like much, but a 10% discount is a lot for those living on a budget, and Iceland has realised the importance of providing incentives for students.

The offer came quickly after a recent study showed that after all their other expenses, students live off just £3.57 a week. They have to budget regularly, and finding cheap food is one of the issues –

Mai Fenton, the Marketing Director for UNiDAYS, spoke about how students prioritise savings on food and grocery shopping and are always asking for help to budget. Offers like Iceland’s, enable them to eat properly, which is essential for everyone.

Why is convenience food important?

Iceland commented that it was proud of its online store, and understood the difficulties students face when grocery shopping. Iceland stock a wide range of foods, including their signature variety of meals. A large part of the appeal of Iceland is its price and convenience. In a busy modern society, people are always looking for quick alternatives to preparing meals, and frozen food has become a staple in most households. The low-cost food provides families and students with little income with substantial meals.

Small businesses could offer student discounts within their own establishment to encourage more customers. Creating an attractive atmosphere for students doesn’t need to be a costly process, and there are companies offering quality refrigerated display counters such as Fridge Freezer Direct.

It’s clear that students will continue to seek out budget food, and businesses can make a difference and attract students by offering discount incentives.


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