Importance of HIV Medicines during the Period of Your Pregnancy

Pregnant women with HIV use HIV medicines. These medicines can reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV including the protection of the mother’s health. The pregnant women with HIV should not stop taking medicines for HIV when they have started to take HIV medicines before their pregnancy. There several HIV medicines to use safely during your pregnancy. You should take the advice to choose the specific HIV medicine which is suitable according to your health conditions during your pregnancy. There may need some changes in the doses of HIV medicines regarding different stages of pregnancy. You can take the proper guideline before taking decision for changes the doses of HIV medicines which you are taking. The main importance for using HIV medicines in your pregnancy period is to maintain the safety of the mother and fetus during your pregnancy.

Mother-to-child transmission of HIV

The transmission of HIV from mother with HIV to a child involves the HIV infection of the fetus. It can spread during pregnancy or labor or feeding of breast milk. HIV in pregnancy medicine provides protection for mother-to-child transmission in different ways. These medicines are essential during your pregnancy period and after childbirth.

  • During pregnancy: HIV medicines are mainly used for reducing the level of HIV amount to an undetectable level. These medicines can ensure the prevention for passing HIV from the mother with HIV to infant during the pregnancy period or childbirth. During the pregnancy, period placenta helps to pass the HIV medicines from the mother to the infant.
  • After birth: Mother should continue HIV medicine after birth or the period of breast milk feeding. These medicines can reduce the chance for transmission of HIV infection from mother to infant.

Safety of using HIV medicines during your pregnancy

You can get different options to HIV medicines to use during your pregnancy. Considering your health condition your doctor will advise you to take the appropriate HIV medicine. There is no specific HIV medicine which can cause birth defects to your infant. The doctors may follow some factors to recommend HIV medicine during your pregnancy. These factors are:

  • There are several changes in your body due to your pregnancy. Doses of your HIV medicines depend on the changes during your pregnancy.
  • HIV or AIDS in pregnancy medicine can cause some side effects due to your pregnancy.
  • The selection of medicine depends on the pregnant woman’s medical history including HIV medicines which have taken in the past.
  • The health condition or ability to take the instructed HIV medicines.
  • The drug-resistance test may help to identify the effective HIV medicine for you during your pregnancy.
  • You may take care about the possibilities of interaction between other medicines and HIV medicine which you are taking during your pregnancy period.

You can get the perfect idea from the above-mentioned information about HIV medicines in your pregnancy. It may help to choose the right HIV medicine to maintain the safety in your pregnancy period.

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