Interesting Destinations to Visit in AYANA’s Liveaboard Excursion

Whether visiting the Komodo National Park has been on the pinnacle of your bucket list for years or you have just begun studying what to do, AYANA provides a perfect opportunity to find out all the hotspots available at the Komodo islands in the Indonesia liveaboard trip.

One is invited to customize an exciting itinerary of onboard, island hopping, and marine sea activities in the following destinations.

The Komodo Destinations

1.      Padar Island

The island allows one to experience its rugged hilly landscapes overlooking the shiny beach coves. Here guests enjoy an adventurous trek to the island’s peaks. AYANA ensures that the guest gets a sincere sense of being on a peak of the arena.

2.      Rangko Cave

Rangko Cave is surrounded by stalagmites from above which are the best place to feel the magic. The water is so crystal clear in that it transforms into a turquoise color when the sunlight shines into the cave. The guest is free to swim, float and simply enjoy the splendor of the cave.

3.      Makassar Reef

Once the guest is done with diving or snorkeling in manta rays at the Manta Point, they can stop by Makassar Reef or the Taka Makassar as it is known in the area’s local language.

The reef is a sand bed island where one can without any problems swim across the whole island. To make the experience more memorable one should include a photo session at the sandy beach with the crystal clear water.

4.      Wainilu

A lot of dive web sites are usually accessible from the middle of the sea however; at Wainilu divers can start their adventure in front of the beach.

One should not assume that it is just a sandy slope without corals, because if you keep going, you will discover another thrilling diving experience Komodo Island has to offer. There is also a fine muck dive of Komodo, surrounded by the frog fish, pipe fish.

5.      Dolphin view

It is a well-known fact that dolphins are extraordinarily wise, playful and able to inspire happiness in each person who observes them.

AYANA provides an experience which is a once in a lifetime possibility to enjoy the moment with wild dolphins in their natural habitats as one explores the islands around Flores Island.

6.      Kelor Island

Kelor Island is located not far from the Menjerite and offers a stunning underwater view through the transparent water. Before the snorkeling session, one can hike to the peak of the steep hill in which a beautiful view awaits. Feeling lazy after the hike, just loosen up and take a seat on the white sand beach as you enjoy a fresh coconut which will definitely cool down.

7.      Pink Beach

This beach comprises of billions of tiny glistening specks of crimson and white coral making it an ideal romantic spot in the world.

Pink beach is perfect for a memorable marriage proposal, a family photo shoot, 5 star picnics, or to enjoy snorkeling in the calm waters and relax in the aquamarine waters. Basically, Pink Beach is a must stop for guests in their AYANA Lako di’a itinerary.

8.      Bat Island

At Bat Island one is able to explore the secrets views available.  The island is home to mangrove plantations and lots of indigenous bats or ‘kalong’ as they are called in the local dialect,

During the sunset time one will witness the sky filled with bats heading to different islands for their dinner

9.      Gili Lawa Trek

The East Nusa Tenggara has plenty to provide with its fun land and water activities which will keep one busy all day. Gili Lawa is an ideal place to hike the hill up to the peak and enjoy the cool sun shades of sundown or sunrise. The place has some colorful marine life for one to enjoy during the snorkeling session. Learn more about the best travel destinations that you can consider, on this website:

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