Is dryer bad for hair?

You have to earn a bombshell: no one will pretend that Barbie doesn’t have a brush! And since we may look for it, the magic wand to transform a natural drying into glamorous wavy has not yet been invented, we have to rely on the hair dryer … a deceiver who, without a guide to good behavior, breaks, weakens and damages our poor mistreated fibers.

dryer bad for hair

 Blow-dry bad for your hair?

To the question: is blow-drying bad for your hair, the answer is no, provided you use a heat protector and take some other tips into account. Blow-drying is a difficult operation if you have no experience with it, but never bad because it is easily reversible to wash and your hair is back to its original state.

We do, however, have a few tips to perform blow-drying as well as possible so that you can achieve a good end result. Your hair dryer should never be too hot so make sure you have a good professional hair dryer that your hairdresser recommends. On this hair dryer is an attachment so you can never put the hair dryer too close to your hair so you keep the right distance between your hair and your hair dryer.

In addition, you need a good round brush to polish your hair while you blow-dry it. The thickness of this bundle determines the volume of your final hairstyle. You also need a hair lotion / heat protector that protects your hair from the heat of the hair dryer so that your hair cannot dry out.

What are the precautions for Blow Drying?

So blow-drying isn’t bad for your hair if you use our tips. Always start with blow drying on towel dry hair, or let your hair dry a little further. Blow drying wet hair is an easier job and will ensure that you keep the whole process full and not give up half way.

Blowing with the hair dryer at the lowest setting is the best choice, according to the scientist, then you limit the risk of overheating. The most important? Finish with cold air. This leads to the hairs repairing the inner connections of the hair and keeping your hairstyle in shape. Do this also before you go to sleep, because crawling into bed with wet hair increases the chance that you will get up with broken hairs and extra fluff in your hairstyle.

What is the best procedure for Blow Drying?

First dry it with a towel and proceed carefully. “Dab off the excess water. Do not rub your hair like a madman with the towel, as this can break down weakened hairs and in the long run even lead to a difference in length. ” Then comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb. You better ignore a brush, because the fine teeth can break wet hair. Then you can proceed to brushing.

If you want to model your haircut even more with a heat tool, always work on 100 percent dry hair. Applying hot tongs to wet strands is guaranteed to cause broken hair. By the way, did you know that the weather has an effect on your locks? Feel free to go outside on a sunny, dry but cold winter day. This is the ideal hair climate.

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