Latest Trends in Home Décor, you will Instantly Fall in Love With

arabic calligraphy wall sticker ideas. Arabic interior decorating in RamadanWhile some new flats in Pune are already equipped with latest designs, etc., many others are not. Hence, taking Interior designer’s assistance is a must. Interior designers consistently introduce innovative styles and trends associated with decoration of a home. This year, they have come up with various adorable latest home décor trends based on vibrant colors and accessories, which include –

Satin Brass Finishes

Brass finishes have successfully made a comeback in 2017. Interior designers have cherished it for its ability to give shiny gold tones to home and that too at the most affordable price. In addition, renowned designers are now turning away the reflective finish present in a polished brass towards the highly embracing satin brushed brass to give a relatively warmer look.

Vanity Conversions

If you are facing difficulty in finding the appropriate pre-manufactured vanity for the home, you should definitely think of a unique option other than a simple cabinet box. Today, many home owners have come up with vintage consoles, old file type of cabinets, chests of various drawers and lots more to convert them into a specific type of vanity.

Hardworking type of Kitchen Storage Walls

With the objective to provide an adequate open space in homes, today, most of the interior designers are now expanding the upper cabinets and pushing every available storage over a single hardworking type storage wall. This acts as a one-stop hub to free the remaining space of a home to give a trendy and a breezy look.

White with Off-white and Natural Linens

Room in plain white color gives the most refreshing look. However, when we opt a single one stark with white tone, things may start giving us a clinical feeling. Hence, modern interior designers are now balancing a palette of white color with various hues of natural linen and creamy off-whites to give a breathtaking look rich with enticing characters.

Greenery Décor Options

Greenery décor options may become an instant hit for all home owners who want to get a revitalizing option and back-to-nature type of hue. The colour plays a major role in bringing zest and at the same time, manages to work properly with various warm tones of wood.

Splurging on Entryways of a Home

Entryway of a home acts as a compact place, where one can have a lot of fun with trendy designs even by staying within a limited budget. In this case, interior designers opt to feature a small area of the living space with a fun piece consisting of a wallpaper, a mirror and a narrow table with a suitable tray to keep shoes underneath it.

Outdoor Feeling type of Indoor Showers

Outdoor shower, although a desirable option is an impractical one in a majority of areas. Hence, in order to deal with the weather dilemma, most of the homeowners and designers have courtyards and strategic placement of sites for creating bathrooms, which resemble with outdoor shower features but still maintain privacy.

Counter-depth Fridges

Interior designers have opted to mount the counter-depth fridges as flush with the nearby counter tops and cabinetry. In this way, refrigerators free more space by giving a streamlined look.

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