Learn About Facebook Privacy Settings to Keep Children Safe

Facebook is a fun and engaging social media platform to be on it. Children and teens are obsessed with it. However, there are some Facebook privacy settings that need to be considered to keep children safe from the online threats lurking on the platform. Though several hack solutions like Facebook Messenger hack and Facebook password hack can be used to monitor kids’ online activity, we suggest you adjust their privacy settings first.

It is important to set Facebook privacy settings in order to keep children safe and secure from the sexual predators looming on the platform who are literally everywhere, waiting for innocent children to introduce themselves and then begin a conversation with them.

It won’t be plausible to prevent children from using Facebook as they use the platform to engage with their friends, play games and share pictures and videos with them. However, you can always keep them safe with the help of putting up the right Facebook privacy settings while they have fun on the platform. These privacy settings will ensure their safety on Facebook.

We are about to give you an insight to some important Facebook privacy settings that you can put to keep cyberbullies and sexual predators away from your children on the platform. Before you can begin putting up the privacy settings, it is important that you get to the right page.

Once you log into Facebook, at the top of the page on your right, you will see a drop-down icon. Click the icon and then head into the Settings option. Once you into the Settings page, you will click the Privacy tab to change the privacy settings for your children.

Who Can Send Your Child Friend Requests?

This is an important privacy setting as it allows people to send friend requests to your child on Facebook. Facebook allows you to select one option out of two. One is “Everyone” and the other is “Friends of Friends.”

When you choose “Everyone,” you basically allow any person to send your child a friend request on Facebook. Now, that person could be anyone. He could be a potential sexual predator or a cyberbully – you just can’t tell.

To keep your children safe from strangers on Facebook, you need to select the other option which is “Friends of Friends.” Only friends of your child’s friends on Facebook will be able to send them a friend request. Apart from them, no one else can. When this setting is up, no other person would be able to send your child a friend request on Facebook.

Who Can See Your Child’s Friend List?

This Facebook privacy setting gives you the liberty of deciding who can see your child’s friend list. When a person’s friend list is public or open, anyone can visit their profile and access their friends list, reaching out to them whenever they want.

Facebook allows you to choose between “Public,” “Friends,” “Only me,” and “Custom.” To prevent strangers from accessing your child’s friends on Facebook, you need to select the “Only me” option.

It is noteworthy that your child’s friends on Facebook control who can see their friendships on their own timelines. If people are able to see your friendship with someone on another person’s timeline, they are also going to be able to see in their News Feed, search, and other random places on Facebook.

If you set this setting to “Only me,” only your child will be able to see their full friends list on their timeline. Other people are only going to view the mutual friends.

Who Can Look Your Child Up Using the Contact Details They’ve Provided?

This is again an important privacy setting as it controls who can look up your child on Facebook using the contact details such as email address and phone number they have provided on the platform.

If your child has mentioned their contact information on Facebook, then anyone who has access to that information can look up for them on Facebook and tract them easily.

To prevent this from happening, make sure your child has not added any contact details on their Facebook profile. Even if they have, make sure you remove that information because you would not want them to be contacted by a stranger on Facebook.

Let us add here that Facebook monitoring tools can also be used to keep your child secure on the platform but it’s always a good idea to utilize the privacy settings offered by Facebook.

Who Can See Your Child Photos on Facebook?

You should never allow your children’s photos to be viewed by any person on Facebook. Children and teens like to post photos of themselves and their friends that should not be viewed by an unknown person, especially a predator.

This is one particular setting you will have to teach your child to use or simply log into their account and do it yourself. Each photo shared on Facebook has its own privacy setting. So every time a photo is uploaded on Facebook, make sure your child has set privacy on it. Learn more about the importance of data privacy, on this website:

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