Living a Life with Complete Faith and Belief in Jesus Christ

Having a belief in some kind of supernatural power is good, because though it is ironic yet the truth is, the more you are tied with something above you, the more you will remain grounded. Christianity is a religion that believes that God is the creator of everything that is present in the universe and even beyond that. It is hence the responsibility of every human being to be thankful and grateful to God.

Now, how is it possible to be grateful and thankful to God? What pleases God? Well, it is not the large donations of money or incense and candles or the sacrifice of some animal. The belief of every Christian is as the Bible says that, God is pleased by a contrite and clean heart. So, how then is it possible to be the owner of such a heart? The answer to this is – in the way you live your life.

Earning a living is important for survival but that should not become your only focus for survival. Most people are losing their lives in the bid to earn their lives – this might sound confusing but what it means is that people have dedicated their lives to merely earning huge amounts of money to fulfill to gain all the luxuries in life. They are doing everything in their capacity to satisfy their material needs, but how much of thought do they put into their spiritual need? The answer would probably be “zero”.

The Westside Family Church is the place where you could nurture this part of your life. Service to God through service to community is their top agenda. They live their lives based on the notion that believing in Christ should be exemplified by the way they live their lives, that is based on the life of Christ.  This is a church that is absolutely warm to every person who joins it and has considerably grown in its size as well as influence in the community.

They do not consider themselves to merely religious institutions; they strive to build a vibrant relationship with God (which should be the ultimate aim of every human being according to Christianity) through their various activities of service to other humans. Their central focus is Jesus, his ways, his love, and his incessant belief in truth. They have grown over the years following the ideals and principles by which Jesus lived His life, being the Son of God and the Son of Man simultaneously.

The principle methodology followed by Westside Family Church Lenexa KS is to exercise their faith by loving, caring, and serving others just like Jesus Christ did, not just while He was living but even while He was dying. Jesus’ attitude of love and forgiveness was something that the world needs to follow; even while He was on the cross breathing His last, He forgave every person who had hurt Him and insulted Him. Jesus was the personification of love and service and by following Him all you get is eternal and everlasting bliss.

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