Make Your Style a Statement with These Accessories

An Accessory a Day

We all want that magic in our look. Something that makes us stand out more; be more unique. You can throw on a scarf one day and a beanie the next and maybe that will class you up a little bit, but what accessory is best. I guess it boils down to occasion and what you’ll be doing that particular day. We are going to break it down for you and makes things a bit more simple.


Whether it be a luxurious Gucci purse or an off brand purse from the local convenience store, a perfect bag accessory can put you on the radar in the right situation. Use this guide to handbags and wow the crowd with your next outing.


Color is magic. The eyes tend to draw towards magnificent colors that stand out in unique patterns. So whether you’re going to the community pool, the gym or grocery shopping on the eve of Thanksgiving, make sure you pick a color for the occasion.

Early afternoon at work, your coworker invites you to a chill bar downtown and you excitedly accept. At home, an overwhelming urge to stand out passes over you like a warm ocean wave and you dive into your handbag collection. The bar is local and chill with cool lighting and a slightly New Orleans flair so you begin to separate your handbags by color. The chill setting has you removing all the bags that have intricate and mind locking patterns. The cool lighting will require a lighter toned, more pastel colored handbag so the darker colors and screaming pinks can go. New Orleans reminds you of home style southern cooking and cool jazz so you opt for a faded bass saxophone key chain and a cayenne red zipper. Your decision has been made and later that evening you get compliment after compliment for your pastel and cool light purple handbag with a white chained strap, red zipper and unique brass key chain.

Use color to your advantage when selecting a handbag with these examples:

  • Going the the beach- cool blue, sunrise yellow, faded brown sand, beach grass green.
  • Going to the office- office wall white, file cabinet black, translucent glass.
  • Vegas baby- Neon anything, moneybags green, cha-ching cherry.

You’ll notice the descriptors behind the example colors mentioned. Tag on a fun descriptor relevant to the destination and have fun with your color selections. If you do this, your imagination is limitless and style choice is sure to make you the star in any crowd.


Layered accessories are definitely a thing and you’ll find that combining these wonderful things can be quite fun. Adding key chains to your handbag or unique cuff links to your tie can really make a person stand out so go wild with it with these examples:

  • A stroll downtown- car and painted city keychains.
  • A football game with the guys- sports socks (yes they are accessories).

Adding accessories to your already stylish accessories can enhance a look greatly so don’t be afraid to experiment before your big outing.


A belt is a very adaptable accessory and can be used with any carefully selected style. They come in all shapes, lengths and colors and many with pre-selected accessories to give your waste an extra angle in a crowd full of diverse styles.

If your going for a hike then you can choose a deep black, stone textured belt that will give you confidence to climb the highest mountain or you can dine in style with a deep oak brown, flat belt with a silver rounded buckle. Un-tuck one side of your shirt and rock a faded purple flat belt with a golden buckle when hanging with the bff crowd. Many belts for many situations to compliment the style you can choose for any occasion.


Sometimes the situation may call for sun and there are plenty of ways to stay fashion friendly when strolling the great outdoors. Sunglasses are the cherry on a an accessory cake and come in many different flavors. From black out lenses to golden and chain wraps frames, your choice in sunglasses can be the difference between boring and banging. Do it right and sunglasses can even be donned indoors.


Accessories are wonderful compliments to a well thought out fashion choice. There are tons of different options to choose from and a style for every unique person and situation. Use accessories to you advantage and be sure to stand out when you go out.

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