Moving: How To Streamline The Process

Moving is no fun. You don’t need to be told that. With a few simple tricks, you can optimize the process and make it less stressful for you and your family. It is worth noting that none of these little tricks will remove the stressful nature of this job, but when it comes to sanity, every little bit helps.


Let’s begin with a task that I always do first. Make an inventory list. As you pack your things, mark each box with a number and make a list for each box with its number at the top. You will be grateful for this later when you begin unpacking. Make sure to note any breakables with an asterisk or some other symbol. For items that are too large or awkward-shaped to be put in a box, make a separate list.

Speaking of boxes, don’t pay for them. You can go to any grocery store and get them for free, though you won’t really have much choice as to their sizes. Ordinarily, you will get a mix of large and small boxes. My advice is to use your larger boxes in the truck. Save your smaller boxes to load up your car. This will save trips and thus save you some gas money.

At this point in the process, you can whittle down your list by giving away or disposing of items that you no longer want or need. You should also make a point of packing an “essentials” bag. This will simply contain the items that you use most and need on a day to day basis. This way, you don’t necessarily have to pack and unpack during the same day.

When your moving truck arrives, you should already have some idea of the order in which every item will be loaded. In general, you want your boxes in the back, stacked neatly but not too high. In front of this, you place large items like furniture, big appliances, etc. You can save a little time by hiring a couple of friends or neighbors to help you load and unload the truck as quickly as possible. If you opt to do this, you should also feed them some high-calorie food so that they will have enough energy to keep going.

To save a little wear and tear on your body, consider the use of wheels. Some moving trucks will come with a “dolly” which can be extremely helpful. You can also make a simple, inexpensive wooden cart which can help to save you a lot of effort. There is no sense in tearing up your body if it can be avoided. And of course, an easier job can be done more quickly.

When it comes to a long-distance move, you are in for some larger troubles. A move that doesn’t involve a long trip is far easier compared to the troubles of moving cross-country or overseas. When it comes to all the costs involved in shipping all your belongings, you might consider the use of a long-distance moving company such as Allied Van Lines.

No discussion about the troubles of moving would be complete without a few words about security. Sometimes, it is common for thieves to target a person or family if they happen to notice that you are in the process of moving. They know that they can watch the house and wait for you to leave so that they can rob the place before you get back. Smart thieves could even watch you for a while to find out approximately how much time you are taking between trips. If you can afford it, you may consider the use of an alarm monitoring system, installed before you begin moving your belongings. Or, you could just use the old-fashioned method and place a large and territorial canine in your new home.

In general, the key is organization. Most of these steps and tricks just come down to one simple fact. Any activity becomes easier when it is organized properly. It is also important to know who to hire. If you are doing anything more than a local move, you are likely to need help. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to do your research and find a moving company that is trustworthy and efficient.

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