Never try to control the market

Forex industry has been many brave hearts in the past time. Many heroes were born who think they have got the market under control and used their magic charm. Sadly, it did not end well for them. Most of them lose their investment, many had to close their accounts and many said goodbye to trading. This article will tell you why even in the modern age, it is not a wise decision to control your trading market. Many questions will come to your mind and we will try to answer all of them in this article. Remember we have a time limit and we cannot continue with one topic for an endless time. We will only talk about the most important factors that make the market impossible to be controlled by any living things on this planet.

The trend is your friend

There is a saying in the Forex market, “trend is your friend”. If you truly believe trading is the perfect profession for you, you must trade with the market trend. The new Aussie traders might think counter-trend trading is an excellent way to make money but in reality, this is absolutely wrong. You have to focus on the long-term trend in the higher time frame and trade the key support and resistance level.

Some of you might be wondering how the professional traders are riding the big trend of this market. They simply wait for the market retracement and place a trade with price action signal. In the Forex trading industry, price action trading is often considered to be the best way to trade with tight stop loss. So if you want to take advantage of the high leverage account by using a tight stop, learn price action trading. And try to beat this market as it will increase your risk factors.

The industry is way more complex than you have ever imagined

Have you thought only the volatilities is your enemy in Forex? You are wrong and there are so many to come. If you cannot think we can give you some ideas. After you have started trading successfully and making a good amount of money, you will see changes in our charts every now and then. These changes are occurred by unexpected events of the industry and global economy. You cannot predict when it is going to happen and it will always keep you on alert. There are no people who have analyzed the markets successfully for a long time. Just when you think you are on the edge of your success, you will make a mistake and you are back to square one. These complexities make it impossible for the traders to control the market.

Is it possible for the hedge funds?

It is a very good question that if the hedge funds can control the trends. First of all, hedge funds trade with millions of dollars. They are very rich and they have a huge amount of money to manipulate the trend. The reason they cannot do is the industry is way bigger than their control capacity. Every day there are trillions of dollars exchanging hands in Forex and this is why million amount becomes small. The Forex authorizes are also keeping an eye on the exchange for a possible alert of fraud and scams and it make the hedge funds operate under Forex guidance. They also have to deposit millions of dollar before they can operate their services.

Can I develop a breakthrough plan to control the market?

It is not possible as many traders have tried the same thing before you. The nature of this industry is uncertainty and you have to trade the market keeping that in mind. You succeed sometime and you will fail also but that should not keep you from doing what is good for you. Place trade and try to flow with the trend. Never try to control the trends. Learn more about the factors which greatly effects the situation of the market, on this website:

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