Office Design and Furniture Procurement for Employee Satisfaction

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You know the old saying, a happy employee is a productive employee. Whilst not all areas of employee satisfaction are within your control, their working environment certainly is.

Studies show that providing aesthetically pleasing as well as functional working environments can work wonders for the overall level of staff satisfaction. Keep reading to give your staff a morale boost.

Flexibility is Essential

As humans, we are designed to move. More important is that we move well, especially whilst performing work based tasks. Everything that an employee needs should be at their fingertips, and if not, it should be no more than a short walk away.

A workplace should provide multiple ways that a task can be completed. For example, the ability to take a laptop and go and sit within another area of the office or meeting room is good for providing variety in the working environment.

The conclusion has been made that open plan offices, where all staff are in full sight of each other, helps promote healthy working relationships and can avoid the ‘us and them’ mentality that can be present, especially towards management teams.

Colours and Design

Also paramount is the way that colours are used to accentuate design. It can be demonstrated that certain colours work far better than others in improving the moods of staff members. The effective use of murals and artwork is also another way that design can benefit a commercial office.

Part of the design process should also include an element of decluttering where all unnecessary paperwork and clutter is filed away. A tidy environment has been reported to do wonders for overall levels of productivity.


Relaxing at work may sound counterproductive but the sentiment has some merit. We all need to take a break from time to time so the provision of what are referred to as breakout areas are useful. Rather than for recreation, these areas are designed to provide alternative space to conduct more informal tasks, such as a team briefing or brainstorming session.

The Correct Choice of Furniture

At the centre of this debate is the way in which furniture can help or hinder overall employment engagement.

The ergonomics of any furniture provided, especially the standard operators chair, is vital in making staff more comfortable in the workplace.

Each chair should feature a sufficient amount of customization options to cater to people of all heights and body compositions. Buying online is the best way to choose the best and save time visit to buy all types of furniture including waiting hall furniture.

Away from desks, soft furnishings should be provided. A great location for these are within the aforementioned breakout areas which need to be comfortable and inviting.

Ordering Your Furniture

An element of interior design should always be at the heart of any furniture procurement exercise. Some furniture suppliers are capable of doing exactly that and will work with you to construct an office that won’t only look appealing but will boost efficiency. Andrews’s Office Furniture is one such supplier who can assist but there are several more across the UK. Any interior design or space planning completed will form part of the cost of any furniture you end up buying.

Although expensive, the right office furniture usually ends up paying for itself with the effect it can have on staff happiness and retention. Learn more about various furniture designs that can entirely change your office looks, on this website:

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