Operation of CNC Machine

CNC stands for computer numerical control. A CNC machine, is, therefore, an automated mechanical device equipped with a pre-programmed computer system that dictates its operation. CNC cutting is any form of cutting; carvings, molding, or scrapping done on surfaces of materials with the use of a CNC machine.

CNC Machine

The company has over 20 years’ experience in designing innovative CNC cutting machines and offers customization of the CNC cutting machines according to the buyers’ specifications. They urge customers to make performance specifications as different machines can only handle so much. The tailoring of the CNC machine to customers’ requirement has also boosted innovation in the company. By so doing, they have managed to design a variety of CNC cutting machines ranging from CNC routers, Tekcel Enduro and P2 machines to M-Series nesting machines.

Tekcel manufacturers do just-in-time production and do not waste customers’ time in any way. This has been made possible by the vast sale network they have. They also have after sales services such as training on the use of the machine. How to perform system diagnostics is also taught to customers. Customer feedback is highly appreciated and addressed satisfyingly.

How CNC machines work

CNC router machine can transform a piece of metal or wood to the required object under the instructions fed to its system. It can also make 3-dimensional carvings and move about angles with high precision and consistency that would not be possible with the manually operated carpentry machines. With CNC routing machines, time spent on metal and wood surfaces has dramatically reduced. Errors that were common with the manual routers have also been minimized and have as such reduced wastage of materials for carpentry and metal works.

More often than not, machines require the use of other devices to complement their tasks. CNC machines with the customization they receive from Tekcel manufacturers, have enabled them to perform different functions in one unit. This has been made possible by the enhanced motor capability of the CNC machines which can now move in more than two axes. CNC cutting machines with their advanced mobility can make new movements evenly around the edge of a piece of wood. This eradicates the need for the operator to move the piece of work about as you go on with your work.

Maintenance of CNC machines

CNC machines, just like any other machinery need timely maintenance to retain its productivity and lengthen its useful life. CNC machines show maintenance message and guideline on a display screen they are equipped with, should need to arise. The technicality of the process has become manageable by the messages displayed which ensures the correct handling of the device while making maintenance.

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