Own a Pearl Necklace and Be As Elegant As One

Pearls have been around for quite a long time now. The rarest pearls are found in the wild and are known as natural pearls. Rightfully so, as they occur naturally, and therefore are the most expensive.

And so, is the jewelry made by these pearls. Women prefer pearl jewelry because they are not as highly expensive as diamonds, but are almost quite as beautiful and attractive.

There is a lot of jewelry made of pearls. These include pearl earrings and long pearl necklace. They have become so famous among women lately, and the following factors have contributed to them:

  • Comfort -These pearl necklaces are lightweight and thus, are comfortable to wear.
  • Feasibility – The pearls shine like a diamond because of the light refracting through these naturally found stones but are not as expensive as diamonds.
  • Variety – There are so many different types of colors of a pearl which can be used in a necklace. There is something for everyone. These pearls have colors varying from white, to pink, to blue.

Another fascinating thing about pearl necklaces is how their length is measured. It is not simply measured like other necklaces. Pearl necklaces’ length is measured and given names as per how long they hang from the neck when worn.

For instance, a pearl necklace which only comes up to the neck is known as the collar. The usual length of collar necklaces is 25-33 centimeters. Collars sit directly around the neck.

Pearl chokers, on the other hand, measure around 35 to 41 cm in length and are a bit bigger than the collars.

Whereas, a strand is also called a princess length, this measures around 45 cm in length and extends as far as the collarbone.

There are a lot more different lengths in which these pearl necklaces are made. And it shows how this fashion sector has something for everyone. A person can choose the color of the pearl as well as the length of the necklace as per the requirement and the preference of the concerned individual. Learn more about different types of pearls and other expensive jewelry items, on this website:

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