Photographs- Expressing Life In Its Myriad Forms

For the millions of human beings living on this planet, photography is an inherent part of their lives. Moreover, with the arrival of the digital age, people can easily get cameras of various forms of sophistication and caliber in the market that caters to their unique needs. These camera operators can just point and press the shutter apparatus to capture unique image of memorable family events or showcase a subject matter in a thousand ways for an advertisement.  Whatever reasons they may have for capturing such images, no one can deny the fact the photography has the potential to touch each of their lives.


Why do people take photographs?

Michael Haddad, a university professor from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the United States with an interest in photography says everyone is taking picture with their camera at some moment in their lives. Regardless of whether they use the latest state of the art digital cameras or the apparatus on their smart phones, they try to capture special images of unique instants in their existence. However, why do these individuals take such images with their cameras? He explains that the following essential reasons are why people love to take photographs with such equipment whenever they get the opportunity to do so:

  • An archive of special moments

In everyone’s lives, time passes so quickly that events and landscapes are changing instantaneously before their eyes. Most people endeavor to capture those moments, which have a special meaning in their lives through the lens of their camera. This is a convenient way for them to document and store these events so that can recollect them whenever they get the chance. 

  • Convenient way to cling to memories

Most people have special memories in their lives that they wish can hold on to a little longer after the occurrence of the events. Taking photographs with their cameras gives them the opportunity to achieve this objective. It provides them with a sense of happiness and solace in their everyday mundane existence.

  • See things in a different prospective

All human beings have eyes and they only see the images in their lives that they want to look at. However, there are those who use a camera to see and capture images mundane events in diverse angles. They try to capture the essence of such moments, which other people tend to overlook.

  • Narrate a story

A person with the camera tries to capture such images of this beautiful world that takes his/her audience to a different era and place. Such pictures could relate to the changing of the color of leaves at the end of a particular season or a vacation he/she has spent with his/her family.  Photographers love to highlight their unique talent and creativity with the lens of their camera by capturing such unique moments.

 Michael Haddad goes on to explain that photos people take with their cameras exhibit the special images of their travels, relationships and experiences that they want to cherish forever. Most people only live one life and such pictures give them a sense of happiness.

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