Pre and Post Rhinoplasty Operation Instructions

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is one of the most frequently performed surgery. The intention of the practice is to be able to correct the aesthetic defects that you consider, by modifying on the bony structures and cartilaginous nasals. Thanks nose job, you can decrease or increase the size of the nose, narrow the nostrils, change the shape of the tip or back and among other changes. In addition, rather than aesthetics reasons, some people undergo a rhinoplasty in order to correct breathing problems, congenital or trauma. Regardless of your reason why you are encouraged to do a rhinoplasty, you should consider the instructions before and after the operation, so I invite you to read this article so you can be prepared for it and get incredible results.

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Instructions for Pre-Operation

  • Do it because you need it: The first thing you should know is that rhinoplasty or any aesthetic procedure that you do is totally elective. However, it is always better to do it because you actually need it , not out of pleasure nor out of group pressure.
  • Ask a specialist in the matter: The cheap is expensive. Consult a physician for a pertinent study where the cardio-respiratory assessment is analyzed. In addition, every serious clinic such as MCAN Health will make sure that their patients are psychologically stable for treatment. That study will help you to decide whether if it is necessary or not to perform the intervention and how much changes it is necessary to do on your nose.
  • Harmonic study of your face: Keep in mind that it is necessary to perform a study of your facial factions to evaluate if the changes you want to undergo will go well with your face. It’s not the kind of nose you want; it’s the one that gives you a harmonic feel and a prettier look.
  • Other indications: According to the type of intervention you need, there will be other steps that you must follow before the nose job operation. Make sure your doctor gives you the proper instructions so that everything works out great.

Instructions for Post-Operation

  • Required rest: Although Rhinoplasty is a simple procedure, you should remain at rest. Do not make abrupt movements, and feed the first few days with liquids. It will be the best option, since much of your face will be a little swollen and you will be uncomfortable eating.
  • Do not self-medicate: After the procedure, your doctor will evaluate the analgesics that will set you up. Always follow your doctor’s pharmacological instructions. Do not invent in self-medicate, because everything can get out of control.
  • Attend your subsequent appointments: Your doctor will indicate the appointments to attend to see the progress of the operation. If you doubt that anything is out of the ordinary such as excessive blood flow, or post-surgical infections, do not hesitate to immediately attend the clinic or get in touch with your doctor.

Other important instructions you must know for after the operation:

  • You must seepyour back with your nose looking up at all times for a week.
  • Not making any pressure on the nose by wearing glasses or sunglasses.
  • Not blowing your nose for 2 weeks.
  • Wearing a bandage until your check-up day. Remember, that any aesthetic procedure must be approached with cautious. Your health comes first. Make sure you choose a board- certified surgeon.

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