Pre-Arranging Your Funeral Service: What You Should Know

When you pre-plan a funeral, it is much like creating a will. You can save your family a lot of worry by establishing your funeral plans and making sure your final wishes are met. Pre-planned funerals are offered in various packages, or you can arrange a bespoke plan as well.

Funeral Service

Basic Services

According to funeral directors in Devizes, you can conduct a comparison of the plans online so you can get a better idea on how to proceed with the planning process. All plans generally cover the following:

  • Funeral director services
  • Provision of the required funeral arrangements
  • Transporting the deceased to the funeral home
  • Care of the deceased until cremation or burial
  • Provision of a hearse
  • Provision of four pallbearers
  • A 30-day cancellation period

If you choose a complete plan, or one that includes additional amenities, two limousines are provided for the family instead of one. A complete plan also includes the collection and management of charitable donations. The payment of the minister’s or officiant’s fees are covered in the more deluxe plans and is not featured in the basic package.

Some of the Amenities

Depending on the plan, you can choose from certain amenities, such as the following:

  • A basic coffin with a wood effect
  • A premium veneered coffin
  • A contribution towards medical fees for the cremation certificates
  • A contribution toward cremation costs
  • The option for viewing the deceased by appointment or out of hours

As you can see, you have a great deal to consider when preplanning a funeral. Talk to a funeral director today about your options in this respect.

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