Reasons to hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A recent study shows that approximately two bicyclists die every day in cycling accidents. It is vital to stay safe and know what to do when involved in an accident even if you are bicycling on a quiet street with little traffic.

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Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

No one is invulnerable to a bicycle accident, even the most skilled rider. Failing to adhere to safe bicycling practices and failure to take precautions on the road may cause an accident.

But often, negligent drivers cause bicycle accidents. Maybe a motorist did not leave enough space between his vehicle and the cyclist. Also, drivers fail to use the right turn signals, and this may lead to a collision with the bicyclist while crossing a bicycle lane without warning. The best thing to do after a bicycle accident is to remain calm.

We’ll detail why you should get a bicycle accident attorney immediately and what to do if you are involved in a bicycle accident.

Dangerous road conditions also are a major cause of bicycle accidents. Construction zones and potholes greatly affect bicycles, even more than vehicles, sometimes causing a bicyclist to lose control. In these circumstances, the government entity may be held liable for the accidents caused by dangerous road conditions.

Distractions while driving also cause accidents. Drivers must be alert all the time while driving to avoid mistakes that lead to accidents. Cell phones, eating, drinking and navigation systems can distract a driver’s attention, causing danger to the cyclists. Drivers who multitask while driving cause a lot of danger to cyclists.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

  • Wait for the Police to Arrive

Always wait until the police arrive at the scene, no matter how minor your injuries are.  No one wants to end up in a state where the motorist apologises then later changes the story. Always make sure to tell the police your story honestly. Make a note of every injury you have. Take enough time to evaluate yourself on any injury because you may not notice injuries right away because of the adrenaline in your system.

It is good to get names and contacts of any eyewitnesses at scene. It’s good to have them in case of any trouble to help police understand your side of the story.

  • Always Get Your Injuries Checked Out

You must schedule a doctor’s appointment immediately after the accident even if you have minor injuries. Seeking medical checkup will help prove that you got injuries from the accident. This will be used to back up your case to get maximum compensation. Photos of any visible injuries are essential to take for documentation of your condition.

  • Hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you had a bicycle accident and it didn’t result in any injury or significant damage, you will think that there is no need to hire a bicycle lawyer. Nonetheless, you should always take your phone and call an attorney when involved in a major or minor bicycle accident. This will aid in protecting yourself from any legal complications.

Other things to think of include:

  • Before talking to a bicycle accident lawyer, never communicate or write with an insurance company.
  • In a bicycle accident, there are no guarantees. You may be pressured by an insurer into complying with a low settlement offer. Talk to a lawyer before settling.
  • No matter how small the accident, you should not talk or write anything with the insurance company since it can be used against you later. You should always call an attorney for advice before you talk.
  • After a bicycle accident the only thing you will want to deal with is paperwork and deadlines. An attorney will help you in dealing with the legal matters in the right way and give you enough time to focus on any medical help you may want.

Don’t try to handle the case it on your own

Dealing with your bicycle accident alone without a bicycle accident lawyer is not worth the risk. You will need to hire a qualified bicycle accident attorney to help you with the case, and you will stay at the top of any legal difficulties. By hiring a lawyer, you won’t miss any critical evidence or testimony you need during the trial to get the most monetary damages possible.

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