Should You Mount Your TV on the Wall


Finding the space to place a large TV in the room can be difficult. As technology has evolved, television screens have become thinner and thinner while their screens have grown. It’s not uncommon to see a large screen in most houses nowadays; the average television screen size today is anywhere between 40-, 60-, and even 65-inch displays. The depth of the television screen is generally quite thin, however, so it’s a bit risky to place the screen on a flat surface. Even though modern television displays come with a pretty large base for keeping the television on the surface, a slight nudge from the top is all it takes to topple the screen over; because of this and other reasons, mounting televisions on a wall is the preferred choice for most. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should mount the television on the wall.


Television screens are certainly not cheap; the bigger the screen, the more you have to pay. By design, flat screen television displays are designed to be mounted. If you take a look at the back of the display, you will see that it has clear bolts and hooks for hanging the screen. The television itself was created so that it could be mounted on the wall. If you have just purchased a new television screen, you can contact a local company for TV wall mounting in Melbourne. It’s much safer if you mount the television screen on a wall, since it removes the risk of the television screen toppling over. The wall mount itself is quite sturdy and is drilled with nails into the wall, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Viewing Angles Are Better

Larger television screens have very limited viewing angles, so you have to keep the TV in a centralised position in the room to make sure that the viewing angle is perfect. You have to sit right in front of the television screen to get the best angles. If you are sitting on one side, you will notice that the colours appear washed out. Mounting the television display on the wall will give you considerably improved viewing angles and will make it easy for you to view the images in the best possible manner.

Neck and Eye Strain

Since you aren’t looking at the television screen by exerting your neck or your eyes, you won’t feel any strain on your upper body when watching TV. Given the fact that most people keep watching TV for hours on end, you don’t want to realise later that there’s a throbbing pain in your neck or your eyes are greatly strained. Not only does mounting a TV on the wall add a sleeker look to the place, but it also saves space. As you can clearly see, it’s highly recommended that you mount your television screen on the wall to make the most effective use of the space available to you. It’s pretty easy to mount the screen as well.

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