Should You Rent or Buy a Commercial Dishwasher

Commercial Dishwasher

In a commercial kitchen, your dishwasher is absolutely essential, which is especially true during any kind of rush such as the lunch or dinner rush. You need to be able to turn over an incredible amount of dishes very quickly. If you don’t have professional dishwashers hired, you need to rely on a mechanical dishwasher. In many cases, they are more efficient and less expensive than a human dishwasher anyway. However, the mechanical dishwashers get so much use that they are often the element that breaks down the most. Furthermore, even if they don’t break down, they are very expensive to operate. They combine mechanical use with heating elements as well as water. That is pretty much all of your utilities combined into one device.

Buying a new dishwasher is a big decision. When you are choosing whether to rent or buy, you should consider a lot of different factors. You need to consider the commercial dishwashers for sale from retailers you trust. You also need to calculate the current costs of your dishwasher.

Calculating Costs

Dishwashers often take up as much as 15% of your operating budget at your restaurant. That typically comes from the amount of utilities you have to pay for. You need to pay for the gas that heats the water, the water, and the electricity that runs the dishwasher. You’ll typically run the dishwasher multiple times each day. So if you could buy a bigger dishwasher or a newer and more efficient model, you could save a considerable amount of money.

After that, the dishwasher can take up as much as 65% of your repair budget. Since it is run pretty much every day and has so many moving parts, it can be damaged very easily. Such damage will require you to call someone to come fix it, which will also reduce the productivity of your kitchen since you’ll have to start washing dishes by hand until it’s fixed. Hand washing dishes is a huge drag on your productivity and your labour costs. A new dishwasher can reduce those needs.

So once you’ve calculated the costs of your current dishwasher, you should consider the costs of a new one.

The Cost of a New One

A new dishwasher will cost you an initial amount of money to purchase the actual dishwasher. After that, you can likely save a considerable amount of money. You can save money on a new dishwasher because the new model is likely more efficient than the old model. Newer dishwashers are more efficient in several ways. For one, they often have more space for dishes than older models. Studies have found that the amount of resources needed to clean dishes does not increase in kind with the number of dishes; every additional dish requires fewer resources to clean.

Also, new dishwashers tend to be insulated better, heat faster, and clean with less water. Such efficiency will save you a lot of money over time.

Therefore, you should calculate how much money you can save, and then compare that to the amount of money you’re spending on your current unit.

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