Simple Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment or Room

Noise from the neighborhood can be a nuisance, especially when you just got home from work and you need to relax. Whether it is blaring car stereos or squealing garbage trucks, it is difficult to go out there and try calming the noise down manually.

This is almost impossible to get rid of disturbing and unwanted noise going around the neighborhood and telling people and whatever it is that is making noise to keep it down. Soundproofing is a simple solution that will give you the peace of mind you while not hitting hard on your pocket.

An apartment or a home is a heavy investment and while you might not get a relaxing and chilling place to take a rest away from all the noise elsewhere, you are entitled to such an environment at your home or apartment.

You can actually control the noise that gets in and goes out of your walls through soundproofing. You will get to enjoy your own noise while not disturbing your neighbors. You will also be able to block all the unwanted noise from getting in.


How to soundproof walls in an apartment using non-invasive methods

If your wall is so thin that you can hear your neighbor cough, consider dampening noise production by adding mass to your walls. Industrial-grade material will serve the purpose quite well. Alternatively, you can hang rugs as well as rubber mats on your walls to soundproof them. Besides adding an aesthetic appeal, they will also assist you in absorbing the noise.

How to soundproof your door

If your walls appears to be heavily masked and you still over hear conversations from the next building, chances are, the noise sips through the air spaces on your door. For as long as you can see light through air gaps on your door, noise will still get in. You could start by making sure there is no gap under the door and if there is a gap, add a door sweep.

A commercial-grade sweep will not only prevent noise, but also dust, drafts, and bugs from getting in. Additionally, make sure your door closes tightly and see to it that there is no air gap on the door sides. Whether it is your bedroom door or front door, a draft stopper or sweep installed properly will be of help.

Door curtains will go a long way

To make sure all different types of sound that can be classified as noise are locked out, you will want to reinforce the soundproof mechanisms of your door by hanging heavy blackout door curtains. They will absorb any noise that gets in through the door when it is closed.

Reduce reflected noise

Reflected noise can add to the overall noise in the room. Noise can reflect off walls, floors, walls and ceilings. You can reduce reflected noise by covering walls and even ceilings with soft stuff to contain sounds such as voices and barking.

On the ceiling, you can use a shag rug. On the walls, rubber textile can also soften annoying noise in your apartment.

Soundproof curtains can also keep down annoying noise

With soundproofing window dressings, your nice sleep won’t be interrupted by noise from the outside. An acoustic curtain is lied flat on the wall to not only block out noise, but also deflect it back outside. They are often fitted on windows and can weight about 15 pounds.

Window inserts keeps noise outside without blocking the outside view

The clear panes of acrylic or glass are installed over your windows to block noise from getting in while allowing you to have an outside view. They can reduce outside by more than 50%.

There are many types of soundproofing, some expensive, others simple. The above methods will guarantee you a noise-free home without spending much.

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