Some Beautiful Dining Sets To Consider For 2018

Dining Sets

When you’re having friends over for dinner, it’s not just the food that impresses them. Chances are they will surreptitiously be eye-ing your décor and judging your taste and choices. A dining set is a good way to get them ooh-ing and ah-ing. Even on ordinary days, having a fancy table and comfortable chairs can elevate your family’s dining experience.

The kind of dining table you select depends on your taste, decorative theme, and of course, your budget. Maybe you like the clean metallic look, or the more traditional wooden design. You might even be tempted by plush fabrics and colourful upholstery. You could select something new, inherit a stylish hand-me-down from a relative, or refinish pieces from the vintage store. Here are some options to consider for your dining room in 2o18.

Beautiful Bellagio

Combine traditional wood with plush fabric upholstery. This imported Italian table is made from walnut wood veneer that is finished with a coffee-coloured tint. The table is treated using artisanal stain, so each piece of furniture is different. The slightly askew table legs give your dining set a contemporary element. Its matching chairs have walnut legs carved from genuine wood and beige fabric padding on the seat and backrest.

Dramatic Dorel

In a bright room full of colourful furnishing, and black dining set can seem quite daring. Consider buying the Dorel Aubrey traditional dining set. This 5-piece dining set has a round black table designed in Napoleonic style. It brings a soothingly conventional feel to your modern kitchen, and evokes memories of family dinners in a rustic parlour. The wooden seats have a gorgeous curve and lots of detail. You have to assemble it yourself though.

Alpine Aladino

While this dining set doesn’t come from the mountains, its stark white design is reminiscent of snowy ice caps. The style is simple and minimalist, though you might want to be careful if you have young children, since they’re likely to soil the table with frustrating regularity. The table has a sliding extension that has a metal frame topped with wood veneer or glass. The simple white chairs aren’t upholstered but they’re still comfortable.

Creative Coaster

You wouldn’t think you can do much with dining design. After all, it’s a table and some chairs. Coaster Home Furnishings managed to put a little spin on this. Their two-tone 130051 dining set has a gorgeous mix of black and brown, with the table top and seating surface being brown while the legs of both are black. The table itself is unique. One side doubles as a shelf while the other is a foldable extension. It comes with two chairs.

Kitschy Key

If you’d like a dining set that will delight your inner child, go for the bright and cheerful Key dining set. It has unusually shaped seats in roaring red or sunny yellow that you can’t help grinning at. The table is simpler, with a basic white finish a glass extension that slides into place. This dining set works well for alfresco kitchens, because the seats are weatherproof, easy to clean, and have no delicate upholstery.

Winsome Wood

If you have a few days to kill and you enjoy DIY projects, you could order a Winsome Wood dining set. This basic two-seater set is deceptively complex to put together. But once it’s done, you have a simple, serene dining space. It has a casual look in medium brown wood and goes well with any decorative theme. Plus it’s affordable, so it’s a good starter set for your tiny apartment with the barely-there kitchenette. It’s sturdy and easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of surface dirt. Clean food spills before they set and stain the light-coloured wood.

Onyx Orbital

Gold Onyx is just one of the finish options for the Orbital dining set. It also comes in glass, white, lead grey, and black marble. This futuristic dining set gives your home a space age appearance with its elliptical top and curiously carved pedestal base. The table has extensions on either side that automatically slip out when you touch the table’s metal arm. The extensions have an auto-lock function to keep them open or closed. The table is made from glass, metal, and polyurethane, while the chairs can be plastic bucket seats, upholstered pieces, or translucent imitation glass.

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