Stump Grinding & Removal: An Important Part of Landscaping

Stump grinding and removal is a great way to keep yourproperty looking clean. Grinding a stump down can provide useful material forcompost and landscape filler, so it’s a nice option for obtaining materials ifyou choose to do this. Removing unsightly stumps is an important factor inkeeping your lawn and garden looking neat. Although some people prefer not toremove stumps because of ecological reasons, there are options to help replacethe ecology. One is to have stump grinding and removal done so that the stumpis partially ground down, and then pulled out. In this way you can move what isleft of the stump to an out-of-the way area so that the ecological system isn’tdisrupted.

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You can remove dead stumps before insects get to themwith stump grinding and removal. This is an important thing to dofor the health of your property, because insects and fungi compete for space inyour yard. You don’t want beetles taking over and killing beneficial insects,for example. You also don’t want too many mushrooms or aphids. Grinding thestump all the way and removing the waste completely is a great way to keep youryard free from insects that compete with the beneficial ones in your garden. Youcan have the grinding done to many grades, so consider your options for stumpgrinding and removal and choose the sawdust grade necessary for insect removalbefore your contractor begins the removal of the stump.

Removing dead stumps also makes room on the property for landscaping and gardening. Stump grinding and removal can help you improve your landscape by making room for items that need softer soil and don’t grow well around tree roots. While some plants can thrive at the base of trees, this is not usually the case for showier flowers like tulips. Gardening over the spot where the stump once was is a great thing to do ecologically, but it also improves property value and adds beauty to your area. If you have a stump in question, don’t be afraid to call a professional for stump grinding and removal so that you can garden over the area with something more appealing.

Grinding stumps is often necessary since they are very hard to chop up. On occasion, the roots and tops of stumps have been known to break saws and chip axes. If you have any doubt about your ability to chop a stump up and remove it, it is a wise idea to call someone who does stump grinding and removal professionally. These things don’t always come out of the dirt the first try, and you don’t want to hurt yourself or wind up with a chipped blade. You can use the ground material for many things, but the sawdust is a great option for piling with straw and growing large squash. It’s also widely used in compost or landscaping filler.

Stump grinding and removal is a great way to add aesthetic value to your yard. You can take advantage of the added space and put in showy flowers in the loosened dirt, or you could opt for something like a small vegetable garden in place of the stump. It’s also a good idea to remove stumps and old tree roots in heavy traffic areas, since they can be a tripping hazard. Call a professional when the stump doesn’t come out of the dirt easily, and plan to take advantage of the sawdust for gardening or compost purposes.

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