Stunning Designs for Your Outdoor and Backyard Space

This summer, you would love to enjoy the buzzing sun, the brisk wind and the vibrancy of your outdoor space. Various designs can suit your backyard for an excellent summer experience. Here are simple projects you should try to improve your outdoor space.Stunning Designs for Your Outdoor and Backyard Space
A Vegetable Garden

How good is it to have a supply of fresh vegetables just behind your house? You can plant your fresh organic vegetables and herbs by utilizing a small space of your backyard. First, you will need to design the layout of your garden which will depend on the size and shape of your space. 

Alternatively, you can create a raised bed, a container garden or a square foot garden. Purchase the seeds or plants from your local garden center, plant and irrigate. You may need to secure the garden area by building a temporary fence or shelter to block access by pets.


Cabins come in handy if you have a small house and a spacious backyard. A cottage can be used as a garden play house, an office, a pool house or an extra guest house. Also, you can utilize a cabin as a storage room for extra items in your main house. You can acquire portable, prefabricated cabins from Overholt and Sons for additional space in your home. A great benefit of such cabins is that you can move them to different locations or positions in your home. 

Backyard Dining 

An outdoor dining area is a great project for summer. You can enjoy your meals out of the house by constructing a simple dining table and benches. In fact, you can reuse old wood planks as long as they are in good condition. You will need, wood saw, tape measure, a hammer, and nails. The size of the dining table will depend on the size of your family and the space available in your backyard. Using the same items, you can create chairs or benches to complete your dining set.

Outdoor Living Area

A great way of enjoying the summer sun is by creating an outdoor living area adjacent to your house. This can be close to the kitchen, next to the garage or pool. You can achieve an outdoor seating arrangement by creating wooden sofas and using throw pillows to add style and comfort. Also, you can add a portable barbecue grill to create a perfect setting for weekend afternoons with friends and family.

Swing Bedsa

A free porch swing or bed is a fantastic addition to your backyard. It can be a perfect place to chat with family or relax and read. Building a porch swing is a simple summer project that can be beneficial in future. An easy design would be to tie a wooden chair to a tree in your backyard using long chains. Alternatively, you can create the support using steel bars and secure the swing using sturdy ropes.


Your outdoor area creates the first impression to your entire home. You ought to ensure it is well managed, clean and beautiful. Therefore, you should strive to improve the space by creating unique designs which will enhance the appearance of your garden.

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