The Dangers of Stinging Insects

We have a few stinging insects in the United Kingdom, and they are an integral part of the ecosystem, as they pollinate on a huge scale, particularly bees, yet bees, wasps and hornets can be very aggressive when their nest is threatened, and should you see an unusually large number of a species in your garden, it is likely they have decided to move in. Do not approach the nest, rather keep everyone away and call your local pest control provider, as they can safely remove the insects. An attack could come about if their tree is bumped or knocked, as any vibration would indicate an intruder, and once the signal goes out, all the insects target the intrusion.

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Under Attack

Once the nest is established, the workers will go about their business, coming and going, while there are the nest guards, looking for any threats, and a soccer ball would be enough to signal an attack. The workers would suddenly become protectors and devote all their energy towards repelling the invasion, and all forms of life in the vicinity would be under attack.

Signs of a Nest

Anytime from April to September, bees, wasps and hornets are on the lookout to expend their colony; it is what they do, and should you have a quiet corner in your garden, this could provide what they are looking for, signs of a nest include:

  • Unusually large amount of insects
  • Loud buzzing
  • Flowers nearby

It makes sense to have a walk around the garden now and then, looking for signs of a nest, and should you discover one, call in the best pest control in Huddersfield and they will eliminate the danger. Learn more about the best way to get rid of insects and mosquitos, on this website:

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