The Ecstasy of Using Vidmate Old Version

People in modern age, are very much indulged in watching videos on the phone which are based on almost every subject in the world like education, entertainment, sports, memes etc. Applications are used to watch videos in phones. One such popular app is vidmate, and even being an illegal app and not supported by play stores, is very much used across the globe.

Vidmate Old Version

In this article, we will discuss on the vidmate old version and why they are still used even we have latest versions that are also used widely?

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is a Chinese-made application which is best-known for downloading high quality videos and songs with an easy and convenient interface it provides. Not every time, people have time to watch something online and that too with just manageable Internet speed, so it was always needed to have something that can save these videos or movies and watch later without using Internet.

This application is considered a very useful tool to download media from the YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram and many other websites, especially from where videos cannot be saved directly. Through vidmate, users can also download and watch (online) high definition movies and cricket matches, etc., all for free.

Why No Version of Vidmate is Available in App Stores?

YouTube, Facebook and other powerful platforms follow copyrights rules that do not allow their content to be downloaded and misused by anyone. The copyrighted material of these websites promises their customers and members to not violate their information in any manner and takes care of their data security.

Vidmate works against these laws. Neither of vidmate latest version or vidmate old versions can ever offer something which follows the same policies. It is the case of piracy which Google considers the violation of its policy. Not only vidmate, all the apps which allow downloading videos from these websites are banned and the developers of such apps are also banned in the play store.

Why vidmate older versions are not outdated?

People across the globe still use android phones which support older android versions. Older versions of vidmate (version 2.25 to version 3.02) are still not thrown away because the older android phones can also come in to use to cherish the features of vidmate app. The latest versions of vidmate are majorly not supported by older android phones. The later versions coming under the category of older versions of vidmate also introduced the very good feature of downloading other apps of Google play store through their interface. All these versions were released in the year 2016 which is now considered as older versions of vidmate.

Since vidmate app does not promise for security of the person’s data and thus because of such technical issues, some vidmate versions might work perfectly with user’s android version and some might misbehave. Therefore, all the versions of vidmate are still available for download and thus used by all in the world. Learn more about different versions of applications and how they improved their features, on this website:

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