The Most Popular Types Of Kitchen Worktops In Brentwood

The first question that comes in our mind when we are designing our new kitchen or renovating our old kitchen is regarding the worktop. Worktops are the lifeline of a kitchen. It is where the most crucial activities of cooking take place. Consequently, choosing the right worktop is of utmost importance. Given below are the most popular types of kitchen worktops in Brentwood.

  • Granite worktops – The most popular and commonly used material for making kitchen worktops is granite. Granite worktops are very easy to clean and maintain, and they have a very elegant and neat look. However, they are pretty expensive and heavy.

  • Hardwood worktops – The most popular alternatives to granite worktops are hard wood worktops. These worktops look elegant and are cheaper than granite. Hard wood is available in a variety of textures and colour. The downside of these worktops is that they require regular maintenance.

  • Quartz worktops – If you want the look and strength of granite with more colour and style options, then quartz is the right material for your kitchen worktop. Quartz is a man-made material where small pieces of natural stone, glass and pigments are embedded in a resin to give it a smooth and shiny appearance. It is very easy to maintain but is more expensive than hardwood.

  • Glass worktops – Nothing can match the elegance and sheer look of a glass kitchen worktop. These worktops spell class and can be made in any shape and size. They are easy to clean and maintain, however, they tend to show even the smallest stain and hence require very frequent cleaning. Also, they do not have the strength and durability of granite or hardwood.

  • Stainless steel worktops – Another option to consider while selecting the material for kitchen worktops in brentwood is stainless steel. These worktops are antibacterial, easy to clean and maintain, not very expensive and quite sturdy and durable. Since they do not offer any colour or texture variety, they are more popular for commercial kitchen set-ups than household kitchens, but exciting household designs are also available in this type.

  • Laminated worktops – Laminate kitchen worktops offer the user some benefits of amazing looks, availability in a big range of colours and textures and easy maintenance without burning a hole in the pocket. But, at the same time, it should be mind that poor quality laminates can be damaged very easily. Therefore, while laminate kitchen worktops may look identical to granite worktops, the quality of the laminate should be carefully checked.

  • Solid surface acrylic worktops – These worktops are made by adding a layer of acrylic resin on top a wooden substrate to make a variety of colours, textures and impressions on the material. These worktops give a highly personalised look to the kitchen. In addition, these worktops are easy to clean and maintain. They are more expensive than regular wooden worktops.

The choice of material for a kitchen worktop will depend on many factors like the budget, the need for personalisation, ease of cleaning and maintaining etc. It is prudent to check the pros and cons of each type of kitchen worktop before choosing one.


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