The Night Light That Makes Night Time Toilet Trips Fun

Have you got any rules in your house about no lights on in certain areas at night? Perhaps you don’t want to wake up the children or maybe there’s a light sleeper who has trouble getting their head down with a light on. It may seem like an impossible task to stick to these household rules when nature calls in the middle of the night. How can you find your way around the bathroom without the light on?

Night Light That Makes Night Time Toilet Trips Fun

There’s now an innovative solution which can solve the problem and make toilet trips in the night more fun too.

Introducing GlowBowl

This all in one toilet freshener and toilet bowl light makes toilet trips new and more interesting. GlowBowl attaches to the side of the toilet bowl with ease and has a total of five different dimmer settings, allowing you to adjust the brightness of the LED lights to your preferred level.

A replaceable air freshener allows you to change the mood as such inside the bathroom to make users feel more relaxed and less like they are in a comfort room. Different fragrances are available so owners can choose some of their favourite scents to enjoy while using the facilities.

The GlowBowl gadget is also a great tool to help teach children about using the toilet, and make it more fun by using different coloured bulbs for the light. A choice of blue, green, white, yellow, purple, red and more are available so even the children can involved in maybe choosing their favourite colour.

What makes GlowBowl better than other toilet lights?

There are several makes of toilet lights on the market but here’s some benefits of opting to use the GlowBowl in your home.

  • The GlowBowl can be used with almost any toilet in any home. Making sure the gadget will fit on to your toilet is not an issue as it is very nearly a one size fits all scenario.
  • Sensor activation. The advanced motion detector built in to the GlowBowl gadget has been specially designed to save power. The LED lights will only come on if the room is dark. When the light goes on or daylight enters the room, the LED lights go off.
  • Easy installation. No rocket science. Just remove from packaging, stretch over the rim of the toilet and done.

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