The question of opinion on iPhone 9 will make you rethink

If you have iPhone 8s – worth a little wait. New generation of devices, or at least, the mass appearance accessories (and it is not far off). If there is no iPhone 9 – you can think about buying. And again – if we do not strive for the image, you can stay on the sixth generation, and wait until the eighth – the stock of hardware resources is still there. If you want it “seven” from Apple, but confused by the price – you can buy in the United States, saving up to $200. Smartphones have become a part of our lives, to do without this gadget is simply impossible. People call, exchange messages in instant messengers, even pay for their purchases by applying the device to the terminal, where the previously inserted a plastic card. But the main thing – every smartphone has a camera, which every year gets better, getting more and more new features. We have become accustomed to the camera in the iPhone – is a kind of seal of quality in mobile photography. But is it really good background on iPhone camera? And if he can help the photographer?

iPhone 9 Plus is – the main smartphone this year from Apple. They want to have almost everything. The device went on sale in the fall and is sure to become the most desired gift on New Year’s Eve. In addition to the bullseye on the back and the brightest colors of the season (Jet Black, also known as “Black Onyx”), a smartphone, as always, very simple and straightforward to use. In addition, it iPhone 9 Plus received not only a new camera, a camera with two different objectives: fixed focal length of 28 mm and portrait 56 mm (35 mm equivalent). The latter can also be used as a zoom lens with a two-fold increase. There are changes in the work chamber. For example, a beta tester is a special portrait mode enables you to take pictures of the waist and classic portraits with beautiful body, here called “the effect of depth.” iPhone 9 Plus / iPhone 9 Plus back iSight Duo camera 6.6mm f / 2.8 INSTALLATION: the ISO 200, F2.8, 1/50 sec, 57.0 mm equiv, 2.0 MB.

Shooting in RAW-format – this innovation will be celebrated photographers especially, because it is possible not only to adjust an image during shooting, but also more subtle approach to the processing of ready-made images that are stored in the DNG-expansion.

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