The various trimesters of pregnancy

For most women pregnancy does promise to be a period which is an exciting phase of their life. There are some likeable changes with not so pleasant ones as well. Most would be mothers resort to the use of baby growth week by week video and try to figure out the growth of baby. The fact of the matter is that pregnancy can be split into 3 trimesters. During each stage the body is going to undergo massive changes that would promote the health of your little one. A baby growth video will provide further information on these changes.

When it is the first trimester of pregnancy, you will likely miss your period, and some viable signs of pregnancy may be witnessed. This may include implantation bleeding in combination with morning sickness. It would be the perfect time to celebrate upcoming changes, embark on a mission to consume prenatal vitamins, and contact a doctor for the first time.

They will suggest a scan for you that would enable you to see the tiny developing baby and anticipate the due date. For more information about signs of pregnancy, visit

Once you touch the second trimester of pregnancy the belly would grow at a considerable level. Any type of morning sickness that you have witnessed would have gone on to subsidize, and at the doctor’s office you can go on to listen for the heart beats of your baby. Once you touch 25 weeks, the baby would be moving and responding to any voice. At this point of time it is on expected lines that you might be shortage of breath because the uterus would start to crowd the lungs. It is high time to get on to the pregnancy pants and anticipate the arrival of the little one in your life. To learn more about the safety measures you must follow throughout the second trimester of pregnancy, visit this website:

Then come the final trimester of your pregnancy and that is the third trimester of pregnancy. This is a time where most of the would be mothers go on to be part of a baby shower and a lot of time they spend in resting up. The baby can hear sounds and see things, and some of them may go on to suck their thumbs. The weight of the baby is between 5 to 8 pounds and they are going to make an entry to this world after 37 weeks. One thing for sure that it would not go on to exceed for more than 40 weeks at the most.

It is of fundamental importance that you have gone on to formulate a birth plan and a hospital bag ready. In case of the former you will be aware about the growth of a baby during various stages. It is always handy to keep the hospital bag ready and at the last moment changes are that you might end up missing some things. This is all the more so when you would be having someone drives you to the hospital. Keep one ready at the door with all essentials packed in it. Learn more about the numerous stages of pregnancy, on this website:

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