Things To Know About Child Custody in Oklahoma

Child Custody

Once your divorce has been finalized, you will begin working on obtaining custody of your children when they are old enough to understand what’s happening around them. There are many ways that you can get custody of your children including joint custody and sole custody as well as temporary custody if needed until an agreement can be reached between both parties regarding who should have primary custody after divorce

Child custody is a legal term that means guardianship of a child. It also refers to the rights and responsibilities of parents to make decisions about their children’s welfare. In Oklahoma, child custody cases are handled by the courts that are part of the Oklahoma Judicial Branch.

These courts will decide if the parents will be given full custody or joint custody, or if they will be given shared custody or non-custodial visitation.

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Joint Custody

In joint custody situations, both parents have equal rights over their child’s life and upbringing. Each parent gets to make decisions regarding their child’s education, medical care and religious training. The court will order an agreement between the parents if it feels this arrangement is in the best interest of the child. If one parent does not agree with an order for joint custody, then he or she can challenge it in court.

Shared Parenting

In shared parenting situations, one parent has primary responsibility for making major decisions regarding the child’s health and welfare while the other parent has limited rights to make decisions regarding day-to-day matters such as where he or she wants his or her children to live or what activities they participate in after school hours.

In Oklahoma, when parents split up and one parent wants to move out of state, the non-moving parent may file a motion for child custody in Oklahoma.

The non-moving parent will need to provide evidence that their child is not safe with the other parent and that they have a good reason for wanting to move. The court will then decide whether it is in the best interest of the child for them to move.

Oklahoma’s child custody laws are very similar to those in other states.

In Oklahoma, child custody laws are based on the best interest of the child. The court will consider a variety of factors when determining what is in a child’s best interest and will reach a decision based on the totality of these factors.

The court has discretion to award sole or joint custody, or both parents may be awarded joint custody or sole custody with visitation rights for each parent. As an example, if one parent is awarded sole custody, that parent will have the right to choose where the child lives and who visits the child; however, if both parents are awarded joint custody, they will share decision-making authority regarding decisions regarding the child’s health care and education as well as decisions regarding religious upbringing and discipline.

Who will get more time with the children?

Both parents are entitled to equal parenting time unless one parent objects. Both parents must agree on parenting times, which include weekends and holidays, vacations, summer break, school breaks and days off work.

Tulsa child custody lawyer

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Child custody is one of the most important decisions that parents make during their lifetime. It’s important to have an attorney who understands your situation and who can help you protect your rights.

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