Time to Fill Your Wine Glass


Hard to Find Wines is a company dedicated to helping you find wines all over the world, such as from South Africa, and to bring home some truly unique flavours. It is not enough that you keep your collection of delectable wines full and varied but you should not be forced to empty your wallet to make that happen. That said, some people feel that they may be drinking a bit too much wine even if they only have a glass or two during any given week when the reality is that wine can offer a wide range of benefits to the body if enjoyed in the right moderation.

Heart Disease

Those who drink moderate amounts of wine have been found to have a lower risk of heart disease compared to those who drank just one glass on occasion or not at all. Hard to Find Wines is a company dedicated to helping you find obscure brands with a great deal of delicious flavour, such as the boutique Rickety Bridge South African wine, a choice famous in that part of the world and a big draw for tourists. Not only can you taste this wine without travelling across the world to get it but you can enjoy many additional options from other areas of the world and all at a cost-effective price.

Keep Your Mind

Those who drink moderate amounts of wine have been found to be 23% less likely to develop dementia according to the findings of Loyola University Medical Center, a research facility located in the United States. Although it is not recommended directly that those who do no drinking at all should suddenly begin to do so, moderate drinkers have found many benefits in the choice to enjoy a glass of wine before bed or with dinner. Red wine is particularly beneficial due to its many natural ingredients and keeping your mind intact for even a few years longer may be enough of a reason for anyone to not to put away his or her wine just yet.

Liver Disease

Drinking wine in moderation may reduce your risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by 50% and this is completely converse to the conventional misconception of linking alcohol and liver disease. It is absolutely true that drinking large amounts of alcohol from any source will damage the liver in many ways that cannot be reversed but drinking wine and only wine in moderate amounts may help you to avoid this problem. Those who drink beer and hard liquor are more than four times more at risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease compared to wine drinkers, even in moderation.

Prostate Cancer

Filling your home with many select and interesting wines can actually be a great thing for men to consider, especially if you see the research about prostate cancer for those who drink four to seven glasses of red wine a week. These men are only about half as likely to receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer compared to those who do not drink red wine, as found from a study performed by Harvard Men’s Health Watch.

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