Tom Colton On The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

These days, the lives have been driven by technology. One cannot even imagine living without technology as he/she is surrounded by it from all sides. Today, whatever task is done, there will be a technological element present, which will help one in the accomplishment of the task. Everyone needs technology to survive even the spiritual people. For example, spiritual leader like Tom Colton says that in order to transform yourself as a better person, you will need technology to play its role. The next big thing in the sector of technology, which is all over the news these days is artificial intelligence.

History of Artificial Intelligence with Tom Colton

Artificial Intelligence is basically the ability of any machine to improve its own performance without any human input. In these last few years, artificial intelligence has increased to such an extent that now there are machines, which are able to learn by themselves and can perform the given task without any human help. Many countries are in the race of developing artificial intelligence software and machines. There are small countries such as Ireland who are on the road to develop new artificial intelligence and compete with large developed countries of western and northern continents.

Artificial intelligence first came into existence in the year 1956. After few years of research and development, there has been a mixed response to this artificial intelligence saga. Mainly because there are people who think that if a machine’s intelligence surpasses a human’s intelligence then humans can lose their monopoly over earth. On the other hand, if artificial intelligence is pursued in a positive manner then with its help, one will be able to unravel the secrets of this universe, develop the health care sector and find the cure for various incurable diseases and many more. Also, one will be able to get answers to important questions, which has been unanswered from quite a long time.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has developed in many folds in the past few years. There has been a striking improvement in technologies because of which unthinkable tasks have been done. For instance, it has provided people with better medium of communications, better accessibility and many more. Today, there are software for voice recognition, which has improved in leaps and bounce. For example, Siri for iPhone, Google assistant and Alexa. Not only in voice recognition but also image recognition has developed in a rapid manner. Today when you upload a group photo on Facebook or any other social media, they can easily recognize the faces of your friends and gives you the option to tag them if you want.   

But as every coin has two sides and, in this case, also there is a negative side of artificial intelligence. Because of artificial intelligence and its reach, there has been a substantial increase in online theft and fraud cases. Also, there has been various cases of security breach and hacking because of which many big enterprises have suffered huge losses. There are a large amount of cases still pending in various courts around the globe.

Tom Colton who is an Irish minister and a writer who claims that artificial intelligence can surely change lives of millions in a better way, but only if it is developed in a controlled manner.  

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