Top 4 Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Cleaning an Oven when Cold:

This does not mean to say that you have to clean the oven and scrub it when it is hot. However, it is easier to clean an oven when it is warm, rather than when it is cold. If it does become cold by the time you get to clean it, you can turn it on low for ten minutes and then turn it off before cleaning it. Use a non-abrasive cleaner for cleaning the insides.

You can also spread baking soda and water mix for cleaning the insides. This should be allowed to remain for about twenty minutes. Use a nylon brush or a nylon pad for cleaning and then rinse it off finally using a sponge.

Washing your Windows when it’s Sunny:

 It may seem like a good idea to wash windows on a bright spring morning. However, it is not so effective, as the windows dry out too fast and might streak. The best day for washing your windows is when the sky is overcast. The best solution for washing and cleaning windows is a mix of vinegar, water and some drops of soap. Use a microfiber cloth rather than a sponge for washing.

Don’t use too much of the soap solution, as it should only cover or coat the windows and not come splashing down the windows. Use a squeegee for running over the windows, when you finish washing with a cloth.

Over Scrubbing Spills:

 The first thing people do when there is a spill of wine or any other liquid on the furnishings is that they over scrub it. You will probably douse the towel in a lot of water or in club soda and then start scrubbing over the stain, in a furious effort to get rid of it immediately. Surely, club soda can be of assistance to get rid of the stain. But scrubbing hard is only going to do more damage rather than clean up the spill.

Keep a dry cleaning fluid handy with you. You can even try it on in another area first before you are actually faced with an emergency. Use a cloth for dabbing the fluid on the stain. Use the different areas or sections of the cloth for dabbing on the stain and very soon, you will get all the stain of the wine or any other liquid on the cloth.

Wrong Use of Furniture Polish:

Most people use furniture polish by putting it all over the furniture and then using a cloth for wiping it off. A better idea would be to spray the polish on the cloth and then use the cloth for wiping the furniture. This way, less amount of polish or product is wasted and you can also avoid using excess polish. While using polish for furniture, use ones that contain citrus oil, as this brings out the natural shine of the wood.

In addition, the citrus oil is also capable of repelling dirt or dust for some time. You can even clean furniture without any polish, as microfiber dusters can pick up the dust easily without the use of any spray.

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