Top 4 Mac Apps for 2019

Do you want to make the most of your Apple computer? The first thing you have to do is to install the perfect dedicated applications. You can find hundreds of thousands of super software apps for Mac all across the Internet, especially in App Store, but some of them will literally make your life easier and funnier.

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Alfred 3

You can consider Alfred 3 as a combination of Spotlight and Siri. The Mac launcher app can also achieve many other tasks. Thanks to Alfred 3, you will be able to better perform calculations, quickly find word definitions, execute as many web searches as you want and even more. This software is excellent to fill the gap between Spotlight and Sir. For this purpose, it lets you automate tasks and perform advanced functions that Siri cannot handle without voice input so far.


It is a gaming sound technology by and a French company founded in 2004. This app is getting more and more popular with gamers. It is efficient to boost the quality of your Mac video games sound no matter which headphones or speakers you use. This advanced immersive audio software works with no specific hardware. Thanks to it, you will not have to spend too much money on a high-end gaming headset to enjoy a 7.1 level of quality sound. Moreover, it will ameliorate the sound of all of your music files and videos. In a nutshell, you can enhance the sound on your mac with Nahimic.

Bartender 3

Bartender 3 becomes more practical when you’re using too many apps on your Mac. It’s a subtle tool which was specifically designed with organization in mind. Bartender 3 allows you to systematize many aspects of your interface in a better and easier way. This Mac software lets you choose which apps appear in the menu bar and rearrange their position as you wish. This application also enable the user to search for specific items or move them into the optional Bartender Bar if they need additional space. The latest version added support for MacOS, an interface that leverages the new operating system and the ability to navigate via your keyboard.


Evernote is the undefeated champion of note-taking apps. As a matter of fact, it is simple to use, very well organized in an intuitive way and syncs with any web-based service. The other advantage is that you can easily find the browser extension and add-ons you want in the web thanks to the fact that Evernote is one of the most popular apps for Mac computers. Know that a free version of the app is available, allowing you to upload up to 60MB a month and syncing for two machines. None the less, you will surely need the premium version sold at $35 a year if you are a heavy user. Learn more about the macOS applications to ease your life, on this website:

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