Top 5 Multiroom Systems for the Smart Home

The multiroom system is a whole concept of the distribution of video and audio signals in a home. It is popular and in demand among active users of the “smart home” along with “intelligent” heating and lighting systems. Today, the multiroom system is used in many entertainment malls, offices, museums and public places. In an apartment or a private house, the multiroom acts as one of the elements associated with the global “smart home” system, but it can work independently. So, for example, with the help of multi-rooms it is possible to distribute one signal source (audio or video) to all speaker systems, “smart” TVs and monitors located in different rooms.

Multiroom Systems for the Smart Home

Currently, this system is offered by at least hundreds of different manufacturers. The most successful ones include Sonos, Philips, Samsung, Cabasse, Bluesound, Denon, Axium, Marantz, Yamaha, URC and MT-Power. Among such a variety, it is quite difficult to decide on a clear leader, but it is quite possible to choose the five most worthy multiroom systems. So, let’s start the review.

Multiroom Sonos

The Sonos Multiroom system provides the ability to listen to music in any room without programming hardware and laying a special cable. The music source can be your personal computer, radio, or any server with your playlist. You can connect any external sources to this system, for example, CD players, tuners, MP3 players.

In just a couple of minutes, using Sonos multi-rooms you can organize convenient control of all sources of sound or video from anywhere in the house (maximum system coverage is 32 rooms). To control you need only one remote control (controller) or application on the phone.

The system allows you to listen to all possible modern audio file formats. Using the Sonos multi-room, you can create a compilation of your favorite tracks yourself or activate the “party” mode, which allows you to play the same composition in all rooms of an apartment or house.

As the main advantages, we note the ability to remotely control all acoustics using one remote control, which allows you to select songs, adjust the volume, switch radio stations, etc. As we have already noted, Sonos can also be controlled using a smartphone. A free program is available for all devices running on the iOS platform.

Multiroom Philips BM90 / 12

This version of the Phillips multiroom system is presented as a separate device that ideally combines ease of use and a high level of technical performance. Basic components are declared in the kit, namely – a remote control, an antenna for an FM signal, an power cable and detailed instructions.

The compactness of the device allows you to fit perfectly into the room, because it will not take up much space, and its height will provide comfortable operation on the control panel. The panel itself is located on top of the device along with a special built-in VFD display. On the device’s case we also find a USB port and a separate 3.5 mm audio jack.

Philips BM90 / 12 offers high-quality sound and a wide range of features. Philips engineers have added innovative PureDigital technology to the system, which is fully responsible for processing audio signals, which eliminates excess noise and improves the clarity of sound reproduction. As a result, regardless of the chosen genre of music, the user will be able to enjoy a perfectly clear sound panorama.

The Philips BM90 / 12 Multiroom system includes the patented Living Sound technology, which significantly increases the coverage of sound playback, which significantly increases the sound quality. This is achieved due to the simultaneous recombination of several playback streams, which allows you to maximize the detail of the stereo panorama.

Multiroom Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha’s wireless multi-room system appeared relatively recently, but at the same time it has already managed to enter the top five systems for the “smart home devices”. Yamaha MusicCast uses the Wi-Fi standard and cable connection to transfer and exchange data between speakers. Using the MusicCast app, you can control up to 10 different devices simultaneously with your smartphone.

This model is sharpened exclusively for their native products. Most likely, Yamaha engineers in this way decided to insure themselves against system malfunctions. Note that the entire range of audio equipment offered by the company is aimed at ensuring a high level and sound quality. The Yamaha MusicCast multi-room integration capabilities are not limited to wireless speakers alone; in addition, you can connect receivers (AV and AC), a soundbar, stereo amplifiers, and much more to the system.

Such a system allows you to saturate impressive areas with full-fledged high-quality stereo sound. To optimize the work, you can combine several devices into a group at once, which will broadcast the same signal. The capabilities of the system support multichannel sources, where in the main coverage area there will be multichannel, and in all the others – a two-channel stream.

Samsung Multiroom M7 System

Samsung introduced its version of the multiroom – the Multiroom M7 system. It includes a main hub and a pair of M7 speakers. The main work falls on the shoulders of the hub, which connects the speakers through the local Internet. In this case, you can connect only one column or configure each separately.

The system can be easily expanded. For this, the M5 speaker with the identical structure and capabilities is perfect. According to the developers of Samsung, Multiroom M7 is compatible with most smart devices. One of the most effective options is to connect the SoundBar Samsung. This format will provide a crystal clear quality sound throughout the house, while you can control the system remotely through a mobile application.

The M7 speaker itself looks rather unusual, namely in the form of a triangle made of high quality plastic. The device will fit perfectly into the corner of the room, from where it will distribute the sound evenly throughout the room. The sound is not just good, but really at the highest level.

Cabasse Alcyone 2 5.1

Cabasse Alcyone 2 5.1 – a home theater with a whole set of various acoustic equipment. It includes a miniature Santorin subwoofer and five compact Alcyone “balls”. The kit contains all the necessary cables for connecting the system.

Alcyone devices act as speakers. Despite their miniature, they create a truly crystal clear stable sound. These “balls” – satellites rotate in any direction with the help of their magnetic fasteners to the base in the form of a footboard. This will fill the room with full sound with a uniform load.

The speaker design contained three speakers, including a bass, mid-frequency and the so-called tweeter, which is characterized by excellent load capacity and a smooth response.

To combine the speakers, you must have a regular Wi-Fi channel. Alternatively, you can use the built-in Bluetooth adapter. There are also analog and digital connectors for connecting various gadgets.

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