Top Tips To Get The Right Worth Of Your Phone


oneplus 6 hands on home screenBuying new gadgets is awesome; it comes with a host lot of features, great performance, higher speed, and much more. But, what about your old one? Well, if you are a tech freak, then it is no brainer to turn your old tech gadget into cash, this you cut down on the cost of buying a new iPhone or tablet.

So, planning to sell off your old phone? Here, we have rounded up top tips to get the right worth of your old device, without much hassle. Scroll down and jolt them down.

Let’s Take a Look At the Best Tips-

  1. Find the Online Right Websites for Selling your Old Phone

First of all, before your baffling process of turning your old phone into hard cash is find popular phone trading websites. In the present age of the digitalisation, as a seller, you have to luxury your gadget for sale on a number of websites, those acts as a virtual bridge between the buyers and the sellers. Today, so there are so many third-party websites to sell my old phone, these sites offer both free of cost and paid services. If you want to sell your old phone quickly, then you can opt for the paid service, and you are bound to get the right value for the gadget.

  1. The Right Description

When listing your tech gadget on a second-hand phone buying & selling marketplace, you will be asked to write the description of your product. Your description should be short, no copy paste content about content. It is highly advised to go with shorter sentences, as it makes the text far more engaging for the readers to browse the content. The description should be in the form of bullets, and the highlight points are easy to read. Describe the true condition of your product, it is no point in letting someone to your place and doesn’t get what he or she wants. So, be true with your tech gadget.

  1. Images

The images are vital in selling your cell phone fast, therefore, it is highly advised to click the pictures of your phone, and those pics should define the best condition of the gadget. Several studies and surveys in the recent past suggest that product with actual images sell faster,

  1. Trade in

There are several third-party websites and phone brands that run the trade-in program; they exchange your gadget with the new one, offering you a great discount on the new tech gadget. If your product is good condition, then trade-in is worth an option in 2018.

  1. Quote Higher Rate

When listing your phone for sale online, you will be required to quote the price along with the description of the product. The price should be quoted above the price; this will help you get the best price even after the negotiation.

From the above of all, you probably come to know how to sell my old phone in the right and quick way.

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