Traveling After 65

When you finally reach retirement age and step away from your job for some much-deserved rest, you may become restless after just a few days. Studies have found that most retirees do not feel old enough to settle into their homes and live simple lives. To accommodate the desire to get out into the world and explore, more and more people over 65 began to turn toward holiday plans away from home. Not only can this decision improve your experience while away but it can save you from dramatic bills associated with a number of inconveniences.

Once you hit the age of 65, you should expect insurance premiums for travel to increase with some insurers even going so far as to withdraw cover. This may seem out of the ordinary but you do not want to find yourself without coverage in the event of a serious problem. The price increase of such policies may not mean much if you know how to look for the best options. By allowing a third party to do the searching on your behalf, you can take just one medical screening and use it and other factors about your life to compare multiple policy options at once.

Pre-Existing Conditions

As you reach the latter years of your life, you are more likely to develop health issues of various severities. For example, you may experience some discomfort due to arthritis or you may be told you have high blood pressure and cholesterol. Whatever your condition, you simply must notify your travel insurer of the condition prior to purchasing the policy. Failing to do so may cause your policy to become invalid, leaving you with the cost of medical help.

Conditions such as high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, and hypertension are less likely to affect the premium if controlled with medication. However, you cannot fail to report this as part of your screening. By going through a third party to help you find multiple offers at once, you reduce the chance of an unfairly high policy pulling you in. In addition, prices are more competitive this way, driving the prices lower on your end of the equation. Travel insurance that covers people over the age of 65 can help you battle the problem of this situation.

Good Tips

If you take any type of medication and must take it daily for your health, you cannot afford to go without it when away from home. Although it may be available at pharmacies where you chose to book your holiday or travels, the cost may be higher than you know to replace it. Travel insurance would cover a certain amount toward the replacement of medication if it were to get lost, destroyed, or stolen.

To make your life simpler in regard to your medication, be sure to always bring it onto the plane with you unless you are specifically told that you can’t do that. In addition, bring at least three days of additional medication on the chance you lose or damage some of the medication supply. No matter if you just need to take medication or have to carry around a portable oxygen tank, you may be able to enjoy the holiday of your dreams with the help of the right policy.

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