Treat erectile dysfunction to have a proper time with the better half

There are many problems which are constantly increasing at a very high pace. The problems are very much related to human beings and this is leading to a high percentage of the consumption of medicines. The people are constantly getting one or the other disease and this is leading to the higher and higher consumption of the medicines. The pharmaceutical companies like world pharmazone are growing at a very fast pace because of the increasing problems. There are many types of abnormalities which are coming up in society and this is leading to an odd life. The dysfunctions in the people are leading to many problems. The problems relating to the dysfunctioning of the bodies are increasing day by day and people are stressing themselves because of this.


Erectile dysfunction occurs when a male faces a problem for keeping an erection firm for a long time for a proper sexual intercourse. There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction and many medicines have been discovered for the same. This is basically a condition showing the psychological or physical condition. The dysfunction for most of the times causes stress, low self-confidence and relationship strain in the male. This dysfunction is seen mostly in the males between the age of forty and sixty and even more. The problem is seen when the male is not able to have a sexual intercourse in a proper way. The patients who have this problem have to be first treated for the physical and psychological conditions and if this does not work then the assistive devices and medication should be provided to the patient. There are different types of medicines been manufactured and sold to treat erectile dysfunction. The medicines are named as Viagra, Vardenafil 20mg, and sildenafil which can be used for the treatment of the dysfunction.

There may be different causes for the dysfunction such as:

  • Circulatory problems: this occurs when the valve present at the base of the penis is filled with blood and this occurs because of clots, cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure. These circulatory problems are mainly responsible for the dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a noticeable symptom of cardiovascular disease.
  • Surgery: the surgery for prostate cancer leads to the damage of the arteries and nerves that are basically required for maintaining and gaining the erection.
  • Hormonal disorders: a lack of testosterone that is the male hormone also result in the pituitary gland problems, or medications.
  • Depression: this is the very common cause of erectile dysfunction. This can have physical effects and psychiatric too.
  • Alcoholism: the alcoholism is responsible for the erectile dysfunction. Even if there is no alcohol in the blood at the time of having sex but then also this can have effects.
  • Smoking: smoking causes the contraction in the blood vessels and ultimately leads to erectile dysfunction because of the decreased blood flow to the penis.

Thus there are symptoms which can be seen and controlled when the time comes.

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