Trenbolone: How veterinary product became males secret weapon

Today we will talk about a special medicine of veterinary origin, about the ace of trumps of modern sports pharmacology, about the androgen king and anabolic record holder, about a drug that is 3 times stronger than testosterone and whose anabolic power is 4 times greater than the working ability of nandrolones. This article is devoted to trenbolone – the main hit of the pharmaceutical industry of the last three decades.

Until recently, the availability of the drug in our market and its cost left much to be desired. Trenbolone acetate for sale in USA became truly accessible to the broad masses of domestic pitching only in the early 2000s, when the drug Trenolone, produced by the underground company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd, appeared on the price list of pharmaceutical suppliers. In Mexico, until 1987, the veterinary trenbolone acetate “Finaject” and “Finaplix” were produced; in France, until 1986, Negma produced Parabolan (trenbolone cyclohexylmethyl carbonate). In general, the 80s and the beginning of the 90s of the XX century can be called a pharmacological paradise for Western athletes, because it was at this time that a “chemical boom” was observed, accompanied by the appearance of new pharmaceuticals and numerous experiments of new doping in sports practice. All this “chemical eldorado” was not overshadowed by the ban, and the chemist heights could not fear retaliation from the law for “storage for marketing purposes”. In such “hothouse” conditions, trenbolone quickly found loyal fans and secured the title of the most powerful and effective steroid.



Trenbolone is an injectable steroid found in our “black” market in three forms: trenbolone cyclohexylmethyl carbonate (parabolan), trenbolone enanthate and trenbolone acetate, which differ in duration of action, i.e. half life. The half-life of the acetate form is approximately 1 – 2 days, enanthate – 8 days, parabolan – 10 days. In addition to various trenbolone esters, there is also its tablet version, which is now very rarely available for sale and the production of which is not advisable, because not popular with athletes. The thing is that the oral form of trenbolone is characterized by low bioavailability, because this steroid is not alkylated at 17-a, which means it is very successfully destroyed by the liver. Therefore, the tablet form of tren in this article will not be considered …

Trenbolone is a derivative (derivative of) nandrolone, and it is very different from its predecessor. Nandrolone under the action of the enzyme 5-a-reductase is converted into a much weaker dihydronandrolone and does not have any tangible effect on the body after such a conversion. Trenbolone is not affected by 5-a-reductase, and it exhibits androgen properties properly. The course of trenbolone, paired with fluoxymesterone, is very different from all other steroids. Only in these two drugs, changes were made in rings B and C. Due to the structural features, trenbolone is not exposed to aromatase, but in itself can exhibit progestogen activity (the latter is expressed in the ability to activate progesterone receptors), which puts tren on a par with another strong progestin is nandrolone. The course of trenbolone can enhance the estrogenic side effects of other steroids taken in parallel with it. Again, if we compare trenbolone with a deck that, when it enters the body of an athlete, aromatizes into estradiol, tren does not aromatize at all, i.e. in theory, he has almost no estrogenic side effects (gynecomastia and fluid accumulation).

Trenbolone is one of the most powerful steroids in its ability to increase strength and muscle mass. At the same time, this affects the frequency of side effects, the probability of occurrence of which is quite high, especially with incorrectly prepared courses.

Use in sports practice and combination with other drugs

If earlier in veterinary medicine the course of trenbolone was used to increase muscle mass and appetite of livestock, then modern bodybuilders mainly use it for slightly different purposes. Tren is a universal anabolic agent that is used in various sports disciplines and for completely different tasks. With it, you can work both on weight and strength, and on the quality of the meat gathered. More than any other consumers of doping trenbolone like professional bodybuilders, which are almost always in predsorevnovatelny period put into their courses acetate form friction in combination with other non-aromatizing drugs (Winstrol, Primobolan , boldenone , Turinabol , oxandrolone , masteron) This veterinary potion is ideally suited to the final stage of preparing dried bodybuilder carcasses for entering the podium.

As already reported above, trenbolone does not cause water retention in the body and works as the strongest androgen, which, combined with a low-calorie diet and the use of special fat burners, provides muscle mass of the highest quality and visualization. When taking trenbolone, athletes achieve incredible elasticity and extreme muscle hardness, nor any other steroid will give such a shocking result. In the last weeks before the competition, under conditions of intensive training and “carbohydrate-free”, the depleted body of jocks is experiencing tremendous stress, the highly androgenic effect of trenbolone, helps to cope with overloads, prevents possible overtraining syndrome, accelerates recovery, and the muscles look full and at the same time clearly defined.

In this article I will not delve into the topic of compiling specific courses using tren, because Trenbolone is an “elite” drug for a rather narrow circle of users, for the elite who, even without my “graphomaniac snot”, know how and with what to haul this unique pharmaceutical product. I will limit myself to just a few examples of compiling courses, based on the traditional postulate of modern sports pharmacology – any more or less serious course should include testosterone, which, in addition to all its advantages, “softens” the effect of tren and enhances its effect …

  • The course on quality mass. Duration of the course is 6 weeks. Trenbolone acetate 75 mg – 100 mg every other day + stanase 40 mg per day + testosterone propionate 100 mg every other day. As a result of this combination, the athlete should get a good relief, a small increase in weight, a good increase in strength. Naturally, the course should be accompanied by proper nutrition and optimal training.
  • Mass-typing course. Duration of the course is 10 weeks. The first 7 weeks: trenbolone enanthate 200 mg – 300 mg per week + turinabol 50 mg per day + testosterone enanthate 750 mg per week. The last three weeks of the course: propionate 100mg every other day, but more is possible. As a result, it is possible to predict a significant increase in mass – 8 kg + of excellent quality and amazing muscle density.

Side effects

First of all, it is necessary to mention the notorious “train rage”, which often accompanies the user sitting on this “bestial potion”. If using other steroids, aggression is a rather rare occurrence and most often mental and psychological metamorphoses manifest themselves in the form of high spirits and increased motivation, then in the case of parabolan, everything is completely different. Athletes injecting trenbolone note a significant increase in quantitative terms of inadequate emotional outbursts and the transition of their “everyday” bitterness to a whole new level – we can say that athletes discover new horizons of rage and aggression. Even with minimal working dosages, many trenbolone lovers have a desire to rush to others and destroy everything that comes in their way. This kind of “fury rage” in most cases is exacerbated by a low-carb diet, as well as a huge amount of androgens, which inevitably flows into the body when using parabolan. Even cute and calm by nature people become unbearable. On the train you flash like a tank with gasoline, from the slightest spark. It’s the ability to change a person’s mood and influence emotional balance is akin to androlike, only from the last you go angry and gloomy all the time, and from a tren you become like a barrel of gunpowder. Properly selected dosages and the drug Valer’yanka help to cope with this bitterness))) Even cute and calm by nature people become unbearable. On the train you flash like a tank with gasoline, from the slightest spark. It’s the ability to change a person’s mood and influence emotional balance is akin to androlike, only from the last you go angry and gloomy all the time, and from a tren you become like a barrel of gunpowder. Properly selected dosages and the drug Valer’yanka help to cope with this bitterness))) Even cute and calm by nature people become unbearable. On the train you flash like a tank with gasoline, from the slightest spark. It’s the ability to change a person’s mood and influence emotional balance is akin to androlike, only from the last you go angry and gloomy all the time, and from a tren you become like a barrel of gunpowder. Properly selected dosages and the drug Valer’yanka help to cope with this bitterness)))

The next side step is trended stuffiness, strength. This phenomenon cannot be unambiguously attributed to side effects, however, such enslavement (pathological hardening) of muscles, similar to spasm, greatly complicates everyday life and weekly training for chemists who are addicted to parabolan. Iron training turns into flour, there is a feeling of extreme pumping – a kind of pump effect, when it feels like the meat is just ready to explode. In short, we can say that tren is a drug for masochists.

Further down the list … tren cough. This phenomenon can not be considered as a side effect, it is rather a certain indicator of “workability” and a certain quality of the drug you bought. Such a cough can be observed with the use of other steroids. If you think this phenomenon is not serious and somehow completely harmless, then you are most wrongly mistaken, because after the first such attack, when you are literally twisted, you will begin to choke, and the syringe will fall to the floor during the injection, you will understand the urgency of this problem! I exaggerate a little, of course, but I stated the point correctly – very often during injection of trenbolone, symptoms of small thromboembolism of pulmonary arterioles are observed (felt). Inhalation pain and a painful cough may appear, and a chemical taste is felt in the throat. There are several opinions on why and why this side effect occurs. The next version seems more plausible to me … The bottom line is that the trenbolone-containing drug causes the body to produce prostaglandins, biologically active substances that affect many processes in the body from inflammation to the protection of the gastric mucosa, we will not go into details. The production of these substances goes in two ways, in particular with the help of the enzyme lipoxygenase. With intramuscular injection, especially if you get into a sufficiently large vessel, the tren instantly enters the bloodstream and there is an instant release of lipoxygenase, which leads to bronchial spasms and, accordingly, causes a cough (tren cough). For all the unpleasant moments in this there is one positive! At least, on a specific cough, you can at least somehow judge the presence and concentration of tren in the drug! There is an opinion that this cough can be avoided or minimized if the tren is mixed with any other drug in the same syringe during injection (for example, collect a cube of tren and a cube of prop).

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Another interesting side effect of trenbolone is associated with the tren cough phenomenon – fat burning. The thing is that tren promotes the production of not only prostaglandin, but also IGF (insulin-like growth factor), which determines its fat-burning properties, a positive effect on lipid metabolism.

If you thoroughly rummage through Western forums and read about parabolan, you can find another side effect – high toxicity to the kidneys. It is traditionally believed that this “high-octane” steroid hits primarily the kidneys rather than the liver. Athletes taking it in high doses and for a long time often talk about an unusually strong darkening of urine. In some cases, even blood may appear in the urine, which indicates damage to the kidneys. Athletes taking parabolan are usually advised to drink an additional 2 liters of water, as it helps to flush the kidneys. Duration of admission is no more than 8 weeks.

Parabolan much more strongly than testosterone esters suppresses the production of its own test, this is due to its ability to significantly increase the level of progesterone and prolactin. Often, users of tren suffer from a decrease in libido, prolactin gyno and decadic. Prolactin inhibitors help to cope with this side effect.

Another unexpected ailment is trenic gynecomastia , the appearance of which on the course with a non-aromatizing drug should not be on the idea. However, many users of trenbolone face this problem. Apparently this is due to the raw material from which tren is made and which contains estradiol. That is, in its finished form, trenbolone contains a “female” hormone. And no aromatase inhibitors can bring down such a treno gyne . Therefore, at the first signs of gynecomastia, I recommend loading with antiestrogens (Fareston, for example), which cope well with this ailment.

It is also worth mentioning that trenbolone affects (inhibits) the production of thyroid hormones. That is, taking triiodothyronine with tren is not advisable, but T4 is possible.

All other androgenic side effects of trenbolone, which are manifested in the form of greasy skin, acne, hair loss with hereditary exposure and high blood pressure, do not need any comments.

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