Two-Day Trips near Bangalore

Much can be done on a short getaway from the Garden City of Bangalore. It boasts of a great central location, close to many beautiful and tranquil getaways. Whether you are looking for some crispy high-altitude adventures or need a dose of culture and history, there are many two-day trips nearby that you can enjoy with friends and family.

Here are some good recommendations on where to go for your mini vacations.


Coorg is a region that attracts many outdoors enthusiasts. Angling and rafting are some of the popular activities that you can enjoy in this vast riverine landscape. A short trip to Coorg can be planned as a blend of adventure and culture. Spend some time in Madikeri, sampling the delicious local cuisine – a medley of spicy and meaty delights, very distinctive from the rest of South Indian cuisine.

Save half a day for a trek to Tadiyandamol peak, the highest in the region and close to the town of Virajpet. On the way, you can witness the sprawling estates and wildernesses that make this land a perfect base for predators like tigers and leopards.

Coorg is also a delightful district to drive around in. Its wildlife reserves, waterfalls and streams make for a soothing affair with ample opportunities for nature photography. It’s quite easy to find a good Taxi from Bangalore to Coorg that provide efficient and hassle-free transport.


A quick two-day trip to Mysore should definitely include a stop at the zoo. Some of the exotic species at the Mysore zoo include green anacondas, white rhinos, zebras and African lions. A trip to the Chamundi hills is also recommended. Capture stunning summit views of the city below. There is also a go-karting track on the winding curves of the hills.

Last but not least, the old town attractions of Mysore should have a day dedicated to them. The world famous Mysore Palace is a fine example of the royal splendour of the Wadiyars, while the Railway Museum at Mysore is another must visit.

Mysore is a great city to try out different cuisines too. Make sure you try out one of the famous desserts of the city – the Mysore Pak. Your shopping list for this trip can also include silk and sandalwood products. There are many Bangalore to Mysore cabs that you can choose to embark on this wonderful trip.


The distinctively picturesque Kudremukh peak is a reason many head off to Chikmagalur. A day trek here will reward you with beautiful scenery and an unparalleled, serene ambience. Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka and another great trekking destination. Another recommended spot is the Hebbe falls, one of the many popular natural attractions in this extension of the Western Ghats.

The region is also famous for its sprawling coffee estates and old temples, ensuring that you squeeze in enough nature and culture into your two-day trip. The local delicacies are also quite alluring.


Part of the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a quaint and picturesque getaway popular for its laid back setting, view points, and remnants of a colonial legacy. A day of trekking in Yercaud would include walks around the surrounding hill ranges. Trips to Pagoda point and Lady’s Seat offers visitors with panoramic vistas of the plans below. Add some of the local cave temples to your short Yercaud itinerary and visit the Tipperary Colonial Bungalow.

The short trips provide much-needed breathers and the ample choice of destinations around the well-connected city of Bangalore means there will be a new adventure waiting for you every weekend. Large groups can go for Innova car rental in Bangalore to ensure a comfortable journey.

So start planning and step out. Relish the diverse cultures and histories of South India and soak

in the beauty of the natural landscapes. Learn more about the planned and group trips you can consider, on this website:

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