Understanding Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and its Uses

Health, both mental and physical, is one of the most valuable aspects of life. It is something that no amount of money can buy.

There is one field of medicine that tends to be left in the shadows. Thankfully, the issue of mental health is now much less of a taboo, and we can talk about it more openly.

This is amazing, especially since it helps to ensure that we get the help we need to ensure our overall health. Have you heard of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy? What do you understand about it?

According to Gold Coast Psychologist, Dr. Mark Bartholomew, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (also known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT) is one of the most widely researched and evidence-based approaches used in treating a whole range of common psychological concerns.

Simply put, it is a standard method of therapy where you talk to and work with someone in a structured way to effectively deal with your problems and challenging situations.

CBT works to identify and recognise your thought patterns and typical behaviour. From there, you can work on how to handle daily life more positively and effectively.

By working with a professional, you can pinpoint stressful or problematic circumstances in your life. By clarifying and analysing your thoughts and feelings regarding these situations, you can assess whether they are positive or negative and subsequently weed out unhelpful or harmful beliefs and habits.

From there, you will be given help and encouragement to challenge and transform negative feelings into effective mechanisms that can be used to manoeuvre through life.

CBT is useful because it equips you with the tools you need to handle everyday life better. While it will involve changes to how you think and act, it ultimately gives you ways to go through life without overburdening yourself.

By changing the way you think about certain things, you will be able to handle them with less harm to yourself.

Now, what can CBT be used for?

Anger and Stress

Every day, we are exposed to situations and circumstances that can inspire rage and tension in ourselves. These triggers can range from the mundane to the extraordinary.

With CBT, you can work through these issues with minimal adverse effects on yourself and others. CBT helps you to use problem-solving skills to handle these situations and manage your emotions accordingly and proportionately.

Healthy coping methods are identified to use in the face of stressful problems.

Relationship Issues

Regardless of what kind of relationship issues you’re having, CBT can help. Not only will you be able to understand yourself better, but you will also be given a chance to empathise with your partner, friends or family.

CBT can be used to minimise and deal with conflicts arising from relationship problems. Besides, you can learn to understand others’ motivations and behaviours. CBT can also help you communicate better with different people.


Depression affects many people, regardless of their gender, age or race. CBT can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression and contribute to handling them better.

While medication tends to be touted for the treatment of depression, CBT is an ideal first measure to use. It equips you with coping mechanisms that can consistently help in the long-term.

If CBT still cannot help to beat your depression, do obtain advice for further treatment.

Anxiety Issues

There is a range of anxiety issues that people might face, from generalised bouts of anxiety to the irrational fear born from phobias.

CBT can get to the root of your anxiety problems and introduce ways to conduct yourself that are least harmful and negative. Panic attacks are hard to defend against and handle, but with CBT, you can give yourself better armour against it.

Eating Disorders

CBT can help to identify the underlying reasons for eating disorders. It can moderate the way you think of and handle food issues like overeating or anorexia and bulimia.

Overall, CBT can help find you a healthy relationship with food. Learn more about various types of treatments and therapies that are being conducted around the globe, on this website:

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