Weighing the pros and cons e-cigarettes – Should you or shouldn’t you use them?

In spite of the increasing awareness of the several health hazards associated with traditional cigarettes, statistics reveal that around 40 million adults in the US still smoke. In the United States, usage of tobacco is responsible for around 1to 5 deaths, this will be equivalent to 48,000 deaths in every year. Cigarette smoking is linked to the fatal disease caused cancer. It is safe to assume that the strength of the facts make it easier to believe that smoking is an addiction which needs to be curbed off for better health prospects.

When such a debate goes on, e-cigarettes are the first things that come to your mind. Electronic cigarettes are less debatable particularly when they are placed against the conventional cigarettes. You can get them at stores like Here are few pros and cons of e-cigarettes that you need to take into account.

Pros of electronic cigarettes

  • They are a safer alternative for the long-term traditional cigarette smokers who are unable to quit smoking using approved and recommended cessation aids.
  • They don’t contain tobacco or other carcinogens and toxins which are the main causes of lung diseases and cancer among cigarette smokers.
  • They are less risky to the smokers who have mild and moderate cases of asthma.
  • The electronic cigarettes emit materials which are less toxic in the form of aerosol.

Cons of smoking e-cigarettes

  • They comprise of nicotine which is a drug that’s highly addictive and which can perpetuate the usage of several other nicotine products. This also increases the use of alcohol and drug addiction
  • The aerosol that is found in the electronic cigarettes contain heavy metals, additives, toxic ingredients, ultrafine particles which pose second-hand health risks
  • The nicotine that the e-cigarettes contain is linked with causing damage to the nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It can lead to still births among pregnant women and can also interfere with the development of lungs in the foetus.
  • The electronic cigarettes increase risk of accidents which include explosion from misused electronic chargers.
  • They are not proved to reduce smoking or don’t guarantee to help you in quitting smoking. Smokers are less likely to quit smoking when they successfully keep smoking e-cigarettes.

Therefore, if you’re eager to quit smoking, you should help yourself in taking the best decisions by taking into account the pros and cons that are mentioned above.

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