What Are The Requirements During The Mot Of Your Car


Have you ever had a glance at the balance sheet of any trader or manufacturer? The wise CAs advice them to show the present value of their vehicles, machinery and other things by reducing the depreciation value from the original price. This is due to the deterioration of these items that undergo certain value losses each year. Same is true with our sweet cars too that also suffer from deterioration with the passage of time. It is the wise garage people that set aright the potential defects and enable us to enjoy the roadworthiness of our vehicles including the old cars.  Almost all the state authorities advise the car vehicle owners to take the same for MOT, i.e. the Ministry of Transport Test on the frequent basis. This test is conducted generally after a period of three years after the vehicle’s manufacturing and its arrival on the road. Please understand that an MOT is quite different from usual servicing of the vehicle. It may be termed as a roadworthiness test that makes you aware of any defect in your vehicle. So why not treat this test as a safety inspection and take the car for the test at MOT Uxbridge or the nearby test centre. It may be remembered that this specific type of test is a legal requirement for disclosing the possible problems related to your vehicle. It may require proper servicing for removal of defects.

So you understand the importance of MOT. Why not take the vehicle for this special test by knowing what to emphasize upon during the MOT process. Following are the usual parts that are covered:

The identification number and registration plate – Instant MOT may be the need when you buy any old car. Many unscrupulous sellers may dupe you by selling the stolen cars that could bear fake registration plates. MOT Uxbridge helps in determining whether the plates are original or fake. VIN, i.e. the vehicle identification number should also be emphasized upon when the MOT is undertaken.

Body structure – The entire body may be focused upon when you take it for an MOT. Different parts of the car or other vehicle are covered under this special type of vehicle test.

Wheels, tyres and brakes – Our vehicles need proper control on their wheels and tyres by ensuring that the brakes work in perfect manners. Loose brakes could result in accidents. So the vehicle owners are suggested to see that the wheels and tyres undergo perfect examination during the MOT. Brakes should be revealed in clear-cut manners so that necessary repairs may be done if they do not work well.

Fuel system, emissions, steering and suspension etc – All these parts should also be put to examination during the MOT of your dear vehicle. The revelation of any defect with these components should be repaired well.

Other parts that are covered under an MOT include washer bottle, wipers and windscreen etc that should also be checked well before taking the car on the road. So taking the vehicle for MOT Uxbridge or elsewhere helps in knowing the defects, followed by their perfect removal and necessary repairs.

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