What beginners need to know about technical security on the Internet

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The minimum technical security requirements are simple: you need to use a “clean” computer (without unnecessary incomprehensible programs) with an updated web browser or a “clean” mobile device with up-to-date applications and antivirus to securely connect to the World Wide Web.

The online world is still in a transitional phase with many sites / applications upgrading their designs to use the HTTPS protocol. If you see a website on HTTP, where your personal data is collected, then this should definitely raise suspicion. Also, proxy servers, which can be ordered from or VPN-software, allow you to protect yourself.

How HTTPS works

The HTTPS protocol asks a third-party “certification authority” to confirm that the web server that your browser is connecting to is the server you are going to access, and not some other one. The certification authority asks the server for a copy of its HTTPS certificate. If the certificate is verified, the center informs your browser about it, and your browser shows that you have a “private connection” to the Website at the specified address. It is currently accepted to use the green castle symbol, but this may change over time.

You should be aware that HTTPS connections can be routed through proxies that bypass the HTTPS method. There are other ways to bypass encryption and HTTPS connections. Therefore, it is always best to go online in a safe environment, such as at home (rather than using free Wi-Fi or VPN in the workplace), and conduct regular malware checks on your home computer and mobile devices.

As for Proxy, in addition to security, they have some other goodies. With their help you can:

  • bypass any restrictions on sites introduced in your country;
  • get access to regional offers by “pretending” to be a resident of a particular country;
  • use bulk queries to search engines to work with SEO;

Internet security is complex. After all, the web servers of your favorite game or movie portal can themselves be infected with malware, which often happens. Many developers monitor their software, but, unfortunately, not all. Therefore, it is also important to use the services of the most proven and reliable projects that are located in secure data centers and are carefully monitored. At the same time, companies are as public as possible and have been on the market for more than one year.

Buying a high-quality proxy server is a truly unique moment in relation to a number of aspects – and therefore you should always focus on those options and offers that have already become proven and interesting for most sophisticated and responsible users. After all, buying a high-quality and multifunctional proxy server allows you to achieve truly excellent results in a number of aspects, and therefore, if you are interested in this, it is better to take advantage of the best offers in this segment from the very beginning.

The choice of an excellent proxy server is really an important point for most users who are interested in taking advantage of really high functionality on this topic – especially since a high-quality proxy server can be extremely useful and interesting in relation to a number of aspects and points. Learn more about the importance of security and privacy in today’s world, on this website:

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